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The origins of the modern hot tub

We all know what its like coming home from a busy day and needing some fast relaxation and stress relief. Many people choose to reach for that quick drink; but why not soak your stresses away? One of the best ways you can sit outside and enjoy the backyard is to install a hot tub and let the water bring relief from stresses and strains of the day. Ancient civilizations realized the healing power of natural hot and cold springs.


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Ancient cultures understood the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring hot and cold springs. The Romans constructed bath houses as they appreciated the healing power of hot springs.

Hippocrates was a great advocate of drinking and bathing in spring water 4 thousand years before the birth of Christ. As you can see owning your own hot tub would put you in illustrious company.

The fact that you are reading this article would suggest that you have an understanding of what a Jacuzzi is. What you may not be aware of is that it is named after the Jacuzzi brothers who pioneered the present day spa and hot tub industry. The brothers appreciated the importance of moving the warm water about. They developed a pump which would subsequently evolve into the jets that we find in present day hot tubs. The hot tubs of today have the jets very specifically located to provide optimum effect.

The most modern tubs can be customized to include televisions, lights, music and more. You can even install a remote control that will turn on the tub and get the water warm from anywhere with a cell phone; now thats convenience. You might consider the style of hot tub that offers seating in a vertical position. You dont always want to be in a lounging position. Spas and hot tubs are good for whole body treatments and the water should come to shoulder level for maximum stress relief. A hot tub is soothing to the nerves and helpful for bladder and urinary problems, mild colds and low fevers. A dip in the hot tub should last at least 20 minutes.

Hot tubs work by circulating air & warm water through a system of high pressure jets to provide beneficial stimulation of the muscles and relaxation of the body. The jets are situated to target particular muscle groups simultaneously. They may be positioned to operate in a set pattern with an injection of air which provides the bubbling, tingling effect.

They can be directed to stream in a moving pattern and air can be injected for a tingling, bubbling sensation. You can concentrate these jets in a particular body part just as a massage therapist could do as well. Do you feel the knots in your neck? Position the jets to pulsate on those knots and you will feel better.

The undeniable benefits of hydrotherapy and the improvements in technology have resulted in a massive explosion in the sales of hot tubs and spas. Now is the time to take the plunge and get yourself a hot tub. Create your own oasis of calm in a hectic world today!

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