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Criteria For Choosing A Valet Parking Company

How do you go about choosing the right company to provide valet parking for your event? How do you know a great company from a so-so one? Are there ways you can tell? The phone book certainly isn't much help. The ads in the business section in the back may give you the phone number and possibly the address, and maybe even a picture, but that's about it. That's not much information to go on. And most valet parking companies have a website these days, but that's also hit and miss. Some are very informative, while others are bare bones. You'll need to contact the companies directly, and ask them some questions before choosing one.


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That's really the only way of getting to the heart of the matter about which valet parking company is best for you and your particular event. Phone book ads and websites can't begin to compare to person to person interaction with the owner or manager of the firm. So make a list of questions you'll want to ask. If you're not sure what questions are important, that's alright. We've compiled a lot of them in this article, so just read a bit further and you'll see them. You might want to block out a 2 or 3 hour chunk of time to call all the companies on your list, rather than a hit and miss approach. That will make record keeping a lot easier. And be sure to have your questions all written out ahead of time before you get on the phone.

Is your company new, or has it been around a while?
How many events have you provided parking for?
Are you bonded and insured?
Can you explain the different types of insurance you carry?
How much is the coverage on each policy?
What are your hiring standards as far as driving records?
Do check them out for arrest records, too?
May I speak with a few of your past customers?
What is the cost to hire valet parking?

Those are the main things to go over with the valet parking companies. Of course, you may have other questions you think of, and feel free to add them to the list. Make sure you cover all the bases. Better safe than sorry.

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