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Things To Do When You're Camping

Camping isn't something people typically do because they have to. It's supposed to be fun. It's a way to get away from the stresses of life and hang out with the family without the distractions of video games and television. In a way, camping itself is all the recreation you'll need.

The fun starts as soon as you reach your destination. You get to pick a place to set up your tent. You can start exploring your campground a bit. Then you get to start a fire, start making hot dogs and roasting marshmallows, and have a blast hanging out talking and laughing.


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However, the campground is just the beginning of the allure of camping. National parks and state parks are full of free or inexpensive activities which are sure to create fond memories for your kids for the rest of their lives. Let's take hiking as an example. Really, it doesn't sound like it's that cool since you're pretty much just walking around. However, getting to hike across streams, play on scenic outlooks and climbing on rocks will make what sounded at first like a simple walk a great adventure.

Generally speaking, the park you're staying at is going to have a lake. Sure, there are some where there isn't one, but usually there will be at least one. And lakes offer a whole host of activities on their own like swimming, boating, and fishing. Swimming in a lake can make the local swimming pool seem like a boring place indeed.

You don't have to own a boat to enjoy getting out on the water and enjoying seeing lots of natural spots along the lake shore. A boat can usually be rented for reasonable rates and with a small amount of knowledge or training in how to use an outboard motor, you can be cruising along like an old pro in no time. And boating is a great sport to combine with fishing. The fun thing about fishing is even if you never get a bite, everybody has fun getting out there and trying. And when your young son or daughter catches their first fish on your camping trip, that squeal of delight will be one of those memories that you will be thinking about during your retirement years.

And if water isn't your thing, then take a trip down to the visitor's center of your park. You can learn a lot about where you're visiting since there are usually a lot of maps, pictures, etc.

Make sure you don't leave the visitor's center without talking to the park rangers. Find out if they are doing any tours or nature walks soon and then find out how you can go along. It'll not only be fun for your kids but you'll probably find yourself having a good time as well.

There really isn't a whole lot that is more fun than just going out in nature and hiking and camping. You'll probably be amazed at how economical your camping activities are - most of them will be free. And the memories from those trips will last a lifetime.

Gray Rollins writes for CampingEarth - the number one source for camping information and great camping tips on the net. Visit his site to learn how to geocache and for campfire cooking tips.






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