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Beautiful Waterfalls On The Big Island, Hawaii

Like many of the islands of Hawaii, the Big Island hosts a number of marvelous waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls are located on the south east side of the island, in the area around Hilo and further south towards the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Only a 10 minutes drive away from Hilo, plus about 10 minutes of hiking through the wild nature you find Akaka Falls. This stunning waterfall cascades down into a pool from a height of more then 400 feet and is one of the most visited waterfalls at Big Island.


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Along the trail you also find the smaller but still remarkable Kahuna waterfall and if you have time for only one waterfall hike, this is probably the one you want to go for. It not only gives you opportunity to see two of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the whole state of Hawaii, the hike will also provide you with the experience of the diverse nature at the Big Island.

On the north side of the island you find Waipi'o Valley. Here you find a lot of cascading waterfalls along the sides of the valley together with nature that is so lush it has an almost magical feel to it.

The valley can be reached by car and it's possible to get a pretty good view from it. It's well worth the effort though to get out of the car and do a bit of hiking. There are hundreds of waterfalls here, and one of the most loved one is called Hi'ilawe. You can easily spend a day or more in this sacred valley.

Near Hilo is another spectacular waterfall, called Rainbow Falls. It drops about 80 feet into a huge pool of turquoise water. This waterfall is easy to get to, simply a short drive from Hilo and you can drive all the way upfront to it. To get the most stunning view of the falls, get there early in the morning and take a hiking trail for a few minutes and watch the sun rise over the lush rain forest surrounding this gorgeous waterfall.

At the World Botanical Garden of Hawaii, located north of Hilo you find the picturesque Uma Uma Falls. This is a tree-level fall that pours down into three small, tranquil pools all surrounded up by beautiful lava stones and trees and plants. The garden is a quite new establishment and has not yet been landscaped fully, so it still gives you a feeling of being in the wild.

These are some of the beautiful places where you can enjoy the wonder that a cascading waterfall is while at the Big Island.

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