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Personally, I have always enjoyed traveling outside of my country, but I know many people that have never even left the state they live in and always vacate locally. But, wherever you want to travel to, you can guarantee there will be a travel site that can give you details on every location. Let's face it, when you can book whatever vacation you like using a website, why bother going to a travel agent. Gone are the days when travel agents were popular and sought after as websites have popped up everywhere and promise all of their customer's extraordinary savings.


As you know ebay tops all online stores with its great offers and deals. And once you are an ebay member you even get more special deals.

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Although I am not one to put my complete trust in these sites and still like to visit my travel agent. However, I am still of the old school and prefer to sit down with a cup of coffee and plan my vacation with a professional, face to face. There always seems to be much more flexibility with a travel agent and you are able to ask for more details and change your mind with much more ease. It is difficult complaining to a travel site and almost impossible to actually speak to a real person, plus with today's technology it is almost impossible to say where they are in the world.

How do you know what they are telling you is the truth because it won't be until you actually go away that you will find out. For peace of mind I like to use my travel agent and I don't mind if it takes much longer to book the vacation or if the cost is higher because I know I can always speak to them about anything that isn't right. I have a good friend who would never use a travel agent as she books all her last minute vacations using travel sites because she can save a packet of money.

When last minute vacations come up, you can end up saving a lot of money and she's gotten some wonderful vacations for almost half the cost.
I have to say that I envy here but she has an understanding company that is far more flexible than mine which require more notice for a vacation. If you are flexible though, booking through a travel site could be incredibly worthwhile plus, travel sites offer discount coupons and prices for excursions or miscellaneous items when you book online.

Still after all is said and done I still the use the internet a great deal for my vacation research before I actually go along to see my travel agent as I will have most of the information I require before I see her. I take that information and then see a travel agent because at least I know that if my vacation turns out to be a nightmare, I have someone to come back and yell at.






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