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Herengracht bed and breakfast Amsterdam

So you think you've stayed at a bed and breakfast?

If you have a taste for adventure, here's an unusual idea. Make a booking at an out of the normal bed and breakfast with a friend.

Aim to break away fro nice little cottages in little towns. We are looking for lighthouses and haunted houses. Much more interesting!


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Ok, so this is not what you are used to. But then, this is going to be just a little bit different. And maybe that is why you are becoming intrigued. Such places offer no threats to you. On the contrary, their aim is to present to you something that may be unexplained or mysterious in safe way, because that is what their business has come to depend on.

A miner is said to haunt the Groveland bed and breakfast in Groveland. He is thought to roam the corridors at night and later on turn on a tap. Harmless stuff, but certainly unusual.

If the haunted bed & breakfast isn't for you, another unusual location is at a lighthouse. Bed & breakfast in a lighthouse is one of the most romantic things you and your significant other can do. At a light keeper's house in Oregon, you can stay at one of the six rooms overlooking the sea.

You can expect a 7:00 am morning call for breakfast, and avoid crowds of people queueing up for food.The warm fireplace helps build the romantic atmosphere at this bed and breakfast and stands out from the norm.
Our third type of bead and breakfast is in Cornwall , England. This area was a favourite for smugglers making a living bringing in goods unlawfully, a few hundred years ago, and avoiding customs. So there's plenty of history to take in as well.

So whatever you choose, you can set up a bed and breakfast trip with a difference. There are many unusual spots to choose from and the smaller and more remote ones offer the more interesting stays.

For a bed and breakfast trip with a difference choose a bed and breakfast that offers quality attractions in the local area.






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