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Summer basketball camps in Houston Texas

Christian Family Camps

Is your family looking for a way to grow closer, learn more about each other, and gain a closer relationship with God? Have you been too busy to stop and even eat one meal together? A Christian family vacation or family camp may be the answer.

A Christian family camp can be an answer for families who want a vacation where they can rest, relax, renew and have a great time doing so. So many times moms and dads come back from a family vacation emotionally and physically worn out.

Planned Christian family vacations the parents don't have to use their time to decide and plan out activities, transport family members to events, or decide what restaurant appeals to everyone's taste buds. At a Christian family camp your whole family will gather around the table at all the meals, giggling and sharing all the stories and adventures of the day.


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Most of these planned Christian family vacations at one the Christian family camps is more affordable than you realize. One price will include your lodging, meals and most of the activities. Most of the meals are served cafeteria style where each family member can choose for themselves what they would like.

These camps will schedule morning Bible studies and group discussions geared for individual age groups. This allows the afternoon free to take advantage of all the activities such as swimming, horseback riding, rafting, volleyball, softball and more. The parents could take some rest and relaxation time just for themselves while the kids are involved in one of the many activities.

Each Bible study is geared toward encouraging spiritual growth and giving families the tools to work and grow together as a strong Christian family.

A Christian family vacation is not only for each family member, but more importantly it is a vacation for the whole family to create memories together. These will be memories that not only last a life time, but encourage a lifetime spiritual growth as well. Now that's a vacation!

These camps have hired mature young Christian adults that will become role models for your children. They have been chosen for their willing attitudes and love of kids. They all have the qualities you wish you could nurture in your children. Perhaps someday your child will return to be a camp counselor and serve others as well.

A Christian family vacation at a Christian family camp will be what you have been searching for in a vacation. All the activities, accommodations, staff, speakers, meals, etc. will help create the family vacation that you desire.

You will quickly find your family wanting to sign up year after year. As soon as you hop in your car to leave you will be marking off the days on your calendar until next year's Christian family camp or vacation.

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