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The Essential Needs for a Backpacking or Hiking Trip

Two of the most thrilling outdoor activities for individuals and families would have to be backpacking or hiking. When choosing an outdoor activity with such an element of the unknown it is important to prepare for every scenario before heading off on the backpacking or hiking trail. Backpacking or hiking requires supplies and essentials to make the event more safe and secure.

The suns rays. The sun can be very damaging to many parts of the body. When backpacking or hiking, the sun can be in contact with the skin and eyes the entire day spent walking. Sunscreen that is waterproof and of an SPF of 30 or more can provide just enough protection for the skin. The eyes, on the other hand, are the body parts left unprotected. Including a pair or two of sunglasses in every pack will help to make the trip easy to see and safer for the eyes.


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Safety First. Many people forget about safety when backpacking or hiking, but there can be problems and when there are, a whistle can help. Depending on where you are backpacking or hiking, a whistle with no "pea" (the small ball in the center) may be the best choice. If the backpacking or hiking is taking place during cold months, the "pea" could freeze. Along those same lines, a plastic whistle will be sure to never stick to your lips in the cold.

The fluid of life. Water will be the largest part of the backpacking and hiking trip. With constant movement comes the constant need for water. Every team member will be packing water for the trip, but for safety, a constant water supply will need to be assured. An outdoor water filtration device can turn any water into drinkable water in a few minutes.

Fire Starter. A fire is the center of warmth and food when backpacking or hiking. Bringing along a firestarter or some waterproof matches can mean a world of difference when stuck out overnight at a camp. Backpacking and hiking is supposed to be fun, but without fire the night can be long and cold.

First aid out of doors. A first aid kit is needed for every pack. Backpacking and hiking takes places in environments that can lead to cuts, bruises and other forms of injuries. A first aid kit in every backpack can help to ensure the safety and health of all backpacking and hiking team members. Within these first aid kits should also be a pocket knife and a pocket tool set.

Don't get lost. Getting lost is one of the worst feelings of all time. A compass and a map can help to keep all backpacking and hiking team members on the right trail throughout the trip. These two essentials are the ones that are forgotten a lot of times when packing the bundles for the trip. Every member of the backpacking and hiking team should have access to a compass and map.

Choosing backpacking or hiking as a sport is a great choice and a fun choice, especially when friends and family come along for the hike. When new to the sport, it is important to keep all of these items in every pack in order to keep the team safe and productive during the backpacking or hiking trip.

Before you head into the great outdoors this season make sure you're prepared by checking out our resources on hiking safety and backpacking preparedness.






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