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Fishing With The Proper Bass Fishing Lures

Your surroundings can determine which bass fishing lures, you will use. Just as in any sport, the situation can vary from one circumstance to another. A golfer will use a specific club for the situation he finds himself in. A tennis player will use a specific racket for playing on grass.

Learn which bass fishing lures work best for each location, what works best at different times of the day and which one works best in different seasons.

You need a 7 foot pole or longer when using frogs as bass fishing lures. Clip outside the skirt where the hook is feathering the legs, and you can give them a dragonfly silhouette.


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Paint a design or dots on your fishing lures to make them more natural looking in the water.

Match your bass fishing lures to the color of the water you are fishing in. The lure will look more natural if you use a darker colored lure while fishing cloudy or muddy waters. Use light colored or pearl lures when fishing in clear water.

Study the natural movement of the bug or animal your lure is imitating. By using this natural movement with your bass fishing lures, you will have more success. Real insects don't sit around on the water waiting for bass to eat them.

A lot of practice and patience will help you to make your lures look more natural and lifelike as you are casting and retrieving. You can increase your practice time by using your backyard when you're not on the water.

Don't worry about the trajectory of your cast as much as going for distance. No matter what bass fishing lures you use your retrieval is very important.

Swimbait is another bass fishing lure that a lot of pro-fishermen prefer. Under most circumstances bass tend to feed early in the morning and swim bait is just the perfect lure to put in front of them. Swimbait has the appearance of a small minnow due to the fact the two sections of their bodies work independently as they are pulled along.

Casting and retrieving is an important skill that will make the correct bass fishing lure look real.
You can have a successful bass fishing expedition if you can make that bait you put in front of them appear to be the bug they can't resist.

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