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What does normal breast tissue feel like

Women with dense breast tissues are at higher risk of developing breast cancer than women with low-density tissue. This revelation by the Canadian study is somewhat shocking and women undergoing mastectomy may have an option of a reconstructive surgery. Women need to be in good health if they are considering a breast implant surgery. They should not be pregnant.


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Women who have breast reduction surgery are often the most satisfied plastic surgery patients because the results can greatly mitigate physical problems and emotional insecurities while improving the overall appearance of the breast area. Women should have their first mammogram done around age 50 or before commencing HRT. Follow-up mammograms should be done every two years. Women who start to menstruate early, or enter menopause late, or have fewer children, are at increased risk for breast cancer because their breast tissues are bathed in estrogen for longer periods. Essentially, the longer women have menstrual cycles, the greater the chance of developing breast cancer.


Estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin especially have profound trophic effects that are essential to normal breast development and function. Estrogen initiates ductal development, while progesterone is responsible for differentiation of epithelium and for lobular development. Estrogen has major impacts on the proliferation of epithelial acynus, lobules and interlobular ducts; where as the androgens has more impacts on the fibrotic process [1, 2]. Estrogen stimulates the growth and development of healthy breast tissue and the hormone progesterone enlarges the breast by producing milk producing cells. Under the influence of the pituitary gland, quanities of estrogen and progesterone and produced at puberty.


Surgeons’ postoperative instructions vary a lot. The most important thing to remember is to follow your surgeon’s instructions! Surgeon left an almost invisible scar in a natural crease; you can't tell by looking at me, and I have all the necessary parts for sensation, so am very grateful. If anyone wants to discuss breast cancer, write to me privately, if you like, since we are supposed to be talking about bras. Surgeon told me today Ultrasound shows cyst. Now he is putting me on Neurontin for pain.


Patient ages ranged from 54 to 75 years with an overall mean of 62 years, and means of 64, 62 and 61 years for each of the above three categories of pathology, respectively. Patients are advised to stay away from anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin, Advil, Ibuprophen and Motrin, starting 2 weeks prior to surgery and continue avoiding such medications 10 days post operatively. Patients may also notice dimpling and scarring.

Patients should quit smoking for 14 days prior to and following surgery, and stop taking aspirin 14 days before surgery. Patients are advised to not take any medication that can interfere with normal blood clotting for two weeks before and after surgery. The main medication to avoid is aspirin. Patients must be non-smokers, nicotine can interfere with the blood supply, healing, and tissue survival. Women considering breast lift should have a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for improving body image.






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