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Patient compliance with medication for insomnia

It is claimed that insomnia is associated with both significant mortality and morbidity. There are certainly strong associations: high economic costs, approximately $100 billion every years in the U.S.; increased mortality; poor sleepers are less likely to do well in their jobs, at school, and more prone to suffer from depression. More frequent and pedestrian sleep onset insomnia is just caused by having a lot on your mind or by being nervous. This is usually short term.

One of the most common forms of insomnia is called psychophysiological ("mind-body") insomnia. People with this insomnia usually have excessive, daily worries about not being able to fall or stay asleep when desired and worry that their efforts to fall asleep will be unsuccessful. Insomnia is more common among elderly people and women. Usually a clue for having insomnia is general restlessness, problems falling back asleep even though you are very tired, or a racing heartbeat.


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Insomnia is a risk factor for other diseases, such as depression and anxiety[iii] . Self-perceived quality of life is affected to a degree corresponding to other chronic diseases[iv] . For example, if insomnia is due to a temporary change in the sleep/wake schedule, as with jet lag, the person's biological clock will often get back to normal on its own. However, for some people who experience daytime sleepiness and impaired performance as a result of transient insomnia, the use of short-acting sleeping pills may improve sleep and next-day alertness. Normally, insomnia isn't associated with serious complications. Sleep apnea or heavy snoring, however, is not good for long-term health.

This type of insomnia is usually brought on by excitement or stress. Children, for example, may toss and turn just before school starts in the fall, or before an important exam or sporting event. In conclusion, insomnia is a fairly important problem, as a symptom or a syndrome, among elderly people and deserves attention from caregivers. Alternative interventions to benzodiazepine drugs, which are suited to long-term care residents while tailored to these specific care settings, should be developed. In addition, insomnia is more frequently reported by those with lower socioeconomic status.

Insomnia is more common among elderly people. According to a separate Sleep study from University of Rochester researchers in New York, elderly patients being treated for depression were almost two to four times more likely to remain depressed if they had persistent insomnia, compared with patients with no insomnia. Insomnia is a 100% natural response to stress. The body stays awake because the mind keeps it that way. Secondary insomnia is insomnia caused by a underlying medical condition. Depression is a very common cause of secondary insomnia.

Possibly using sleeping pills, although the long-term use of sleeping pills for chronic insomnia is controversial. A patient taking any sleeping pill should be under the supervision of a physician to closely evaluate effectiveness and minimize side effects. Since insomnia is frequently a symptom of illness, severe stress, trauma, and so on, its incidence varies with regard to age, sex, and severity of the predisposing condition. In most cases, treatment for transient insomnia is not necessary. It usually resolves after a few days once the person was able to adjust to the new situations or surroundings.

In summary, insomnia is a common complaint with significant consequences. Significant advancements have been made in sleep research over the past three decades, yet many questions related to the treatment of chronic insomnia remain. Another treatment that may help some people with insomnia is to recondition them to associate the bed and bedtime with sleep. For most people, this means not using their beds for any activities other than sleep and sex (some experts even say using the bed for sex call cause performance anxiety which could lead to insomnia). There is no doubt that chronic insomnia is frustrating, but there is also evidence that insomnia is linked to early death and serious declines in quality of life. Studies show that poor sleepers receive fewer promotions, have increased rates of absenteeism, and tend to demonstrate poor productivity (Leigh JP 1991; Rajput V et al 1999).

Insomnia is defined as not getting enough sleep for normal daily function, despite having had adequate opportunity for sleep. People with insomnia have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, waking too early, and/or sleeping soundly. Upon discontinuation of these tranquilizers, rebound worsening of insomnia is very common. Often, once the problem that's causing the insomnia is taken care of, the insomnia goes away. The key is to find out what's causing the insomnia so that it can be dealt with directly.

Chronic insomnia is believed to primarily occur in patients with predisposing or constitutional factors. These factors may cause the occasional night of poor sleep but not chronic insomnia. Insomnia is commonly divided into 3 types based on duration. The first type is transient insomnia. Finding the underlying cause of insomnia is usually necessary to cure it. Insomnia can be common after the loss of a loved one, even years or decades after the death, if they have not gone through the grieving process.






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