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Rid of hangover headache

One factor contributing to a hangover are the products from the breakdown of ethanol via liver enzymes. Ethanol is converted to acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, and then from acetaldehyde to acetic acid by the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase . The symptoms of hangover are reduced ability with regard to performing visual spatial tasks, impaired memory, concentration problems, lightheadedness, and nausea. The biological changes which take place during a hangover should be taken into account in all future studies on hangover, according to the researchers. Some researchers summise that the symptoms of hangover are actually a kind of drug withdrawal. As ethanol is broken down in the body it is transformed into a toxic and reactive substance called acetaldehyde, another suspect in the line up of possible causes for the symptoms of hangover.


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Many of the symptoms of hangover are similar to those associated with mild withdrawal. Some differences exist, however, between hangover and withdrawal; specifically, hangover symptoms do not include the hallucinations, seizures, and the lengthy impairment of withdrawal. The views and opinions expressed on The Daily Hangover are those of the individual speaker (or author) and not necessarily those of Rock 100 FM. Rock 100 FM does not advocate excessive alcohol consumption or underage drinking. The crappy feelings from a hangover are due mostly to dehydration and the acetaldehyde your body produced from all the booze you drank. Cysteine counteracts the painful hangover effects caused by the acetaldehyde.

Two of the major causes of a hangover are; dehydration caused by the diuretic effect of Alcohol and the buildup of toxins such as acetaldehyde, a byproduct of processing ethanol. Your body may also not have enough nutrients to process the alcohol and the alcohol will not leave your system until it does, if you wake up 8 hours later and you're still drunk, this may be the case. Throbbing wine headaches and a wine hangover are a common complaint from people who love wine. A recent survey showed 77 percent of women who drink wine suffer from wine headaches. Since a lot of the symptoms you are experiencing in a severe hangover are due to dehydration, you should avoid caffeine.

The main issues at work in a hangover are withdrawal, dehydration, inflammation and the body’s use of chemicals to break down alcohol that may be more harmful than the vile spirits in the first place. Most of the remedies we know of — hair of the dog, greasy food — tend to delay or distract from the most toxic parts of the hangover process. Another factor contributing to a hangover are the products from the breakdown of ethanol via liver enzymes. This diverts pyruvate from other pathways such as gluconeogenesis impairing the ability of the liver to supply glucose to tissues, especially the brain. The best things I’ve found to help get rid of a hangover are time and fluids. Hangovers are chiefly caused by two things; dehydration and the alcohol metabolite acetalaldehyde.

Another element contributing to a hangover are the products from the dislocation of ethanol via liver enzymes. There are many folk cures that are supposed to help cure a hangover. The three most important ingredients in beating a hangover are water, water, and water. Sure you can drink a glass before you go to bed and a glass when you wake up, but what about those precious hours you?re still asleep?






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