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Paramedic patient advocacy

Paramedics are employed by a variety of different organizations, and the services provided by paramedics may occur under differing organizational structures, depending on the part of the world. They may also be employed as part of a public hospital system; in some cases working inside the hospital. Paramedics are in short supply all over Australia, so the first State to offer a proper wage will get the best. St John management should be ashamed of themselves for continually belittleing their fantastic staff. Paramedics are also an integral part of air medical services.


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Paramedics are rapidly becoming health care professionals. Academic advisement helps you make decisions that are best for your immediate and long-term career goals. Paramedics are able to provide appropriate treatment to patients in their own and immediate locality, taking the treatment to the patient rather than patient to treatment. This is regardless of whether the patient is suffering a minor wound or illness, chronic illness or major trauma. Paramedics are required to take 24 hours of call six times per year. Team members must have or willingness to obtain a CDL within 120 days of hire date.

Paramedics are ready to accept more responsibility for their profession. We are pleased to report that this concept has been widely accepted over the past year, including endorsements by the EMS Directors and Base Hospitals. Paramedics are a unique medical entity. Paramedics receive education in many of the same areas as a Nurse or PA such as medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and so on. Paramedics are a group of people who like to intervene. They like to help people -- that's why they're out there driving through red lights through the city streets.

Paramedics are people, too. These are but a few reasons why paramedics burn out. Paramedics are not required to have a degree to be certified, whereas PAs must go through an accredited degree program, often a master?s degree program. Medics are often employed in private, nonprofit or government jobs. Paramedics are expected to work utilising their own clinical knowledge to make decisions, many employers utilise clinical guidelines to make this easier. These vary throughout the country but increasingly are being brought into line with national guidelines.

Paramedics are trained for two years of classroom and field training. Paramedics perform advanced diagnosis, perform invasive procedures (airway breathing tubes, intravenous, surgical procedures and medications administration). Paramedics are trained to deal with a broad range of emergency medical situations. These include: obstetrics , cardiac , airway and breathing , a vast array of medical emergencies, orthopedics , psychological and mental health emergencies, pediatrics , trauma, vehicle extrication, communications , intravenous therapy, pharmacology , and advanced cardiac life support . Paramedics are required to be understanding and cool-headed. Also, medicine is a challenging field.

Paramedics are trained to properly, quickly, and efficiently use all of these devices. A paramedic will also be trained in administering drugs to patients, both orally and intravenously. Paramedics are also required to be present in public events, ready to assist people during emergencies. Furthermore, paramedics are sometimes required to provide medical transportation for hospital patients who are sent home for home care treatment. Paramedics are scheduled to work 24-hour shifts for a total of 2,912 hours annually, which includes 832 hours of overtime (38 percent of their scheduled pay). In addition, paramedics have the opportunity to earn more pay through unscheduled overtime.

Paramedics are the only employees of the three designated public safety occupations who have to wait until age 65 to retire with full pension," the unions say.






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