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Lumbar support cushions for scoliosis

The tell-tale sign of scoliosis is when one side of the back is higher than the other. This type of scoliosis is often much more severe and needs more aggressive treatment than other forms of scoliosis. Because these abnormalities are present at birth, congenital scoliosis is usually detected at a younger age than idiopathic scoliosis.

Diagnosis for scoliosis is done by an orthopedist . A complete medical history is taken, including questions about family history of scoliosis. Scoliosis is a sideways curve in the spine . On an X-ray, most children’s spines look straight. Because these anomalies are present at birth, congenital scoliosis is usually detected at a younger age than is idiopathic scoliosis.


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Early treatment of infantile scoliosis is key. My daughter was diagnosed with idiopathic infantile scoliosis at 4 mos of age. Therefore, awareness of scoliosis and what it can mean for an individual among General Practitioners and physical education teachers in schools is regarded as important, so that early referral to a specialist in scoliosis is achieved. Treatment in a scoliosis centre will usually prevent unsatisfactory long-term results. Congenital scoliosis is the result of malformations of the spine at the time is formed in the womb. The process of formation of the spine is extremely complex.

However, the definitive recognized tool for the diagnosis of scoliosis is a standing spinal radiograph. Radiographic exposure, monetary expense, and availability of radiographic capabilities are all limiting factors which face the investigator as he attempts to define the individuals within his population. Congenital scoliosis is no uniform condition as well. Therefore, a standardization of patient subsets does not seem possible. Scoliosis is defined as a spinal curvature that has an angle of greater than 10 degrees.

However, severe scoliosis is painful and debilitating and tends to worsen with age. Sometimes structural scoliosis is one part of a syndrome or disease, such as Marfan's syndrome, an inherited connective tissue disorder. In other cases it occurs by itself. A mild degree of scoliosis is common in adolescents with Scheuermann's kyphosis.

Scoliosis is generally described as to the location of the curve or curves, as shown below. Probably the most effective way to detect scoliosis is to have the patient bend forward with the knees straight and flexing the waist (forward-bending test). It is quite easy to detect trunk asymmetries by viewing the patient from behind while he/she is in this posture, and scoliosis should be suspected when asymmetry is evident. Lumbar scoliosis is treated with other operations including fusion, and the underarm brace is required for up to 6 months after surgery.

Screening adolescents for idiopathic scoliosis is usually done by visual inspection of the spine to look for asymmetry of the shoulders, scapulae, and hips. A scoliometer can be used to measure the curve. Mayo treats spinal curves of 25 to 40 degrees with bracing technology; when patients are compliant with wearing a brace, acceleration of scoliosis is prevented in nearly all cases. For spinal curves greater than 40 to 50 degrees, surgery is necessary, and is successful approximately 95 percent of the time. I disagree that concluding that "exercise" is not an effective treatment for scoliosis is a logically valid conclusion, however, from a single study. All the study authors could have logically concluded was that the type, intensity and duration of the exercises performed in the study did not alter the course of scoliosis in the set of patients they selected for their study.

The smaller the curve and the more fully grown the patient is, the less likely the scoliosis is to increase. The difficulty is trying to predict when a patient is going to go through a growth spurt. One of the more commonly missed causes of scoliosis is intraspinal pathology, such as syringomyelia. The proper evaluation and work-up for patients presenting with scoliosis are outlined in the monograph. A report in the journal Spine suggests that scoliosis is more prevalent than previously thought in the adult population. Researchers found that scoliosis was present in 68% of 75 healthy adults 60 years or older with no known history of scoliosis or prior spine surgery.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine which may have its onset in infancy but is most frequently seen in adolescence. It is more common in females by a 2:1 ratio. It is important that when making a referral, that the specialist is familiar with scoliosis is pediatric patients. It is also important that the pediatrician doesn't unnecessarily alarm the family and child. Referral to an orthopedist who specializes in adolescent scoliosis is warranted if the child has growth potential remaining and the curve is at least an eight to eleven degree rotational angle as measured by a scoliometer. If there is any uncertainty about the severity if the curve at any given growth stage, it is always better to seek an assessment by a pediatric orthopedist.






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