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Antioxidant sclerocariae

Antioxidant is able to protect the fluorescent molecule from the oxidative degeneration. The degree of protection will be quantified using a fluorometer. Antioxidant is a nutrition term that refers to substances that protect your body's cells from damage caused by unstable molecules. These unstable molecules are known as free radicals, and are created when your body takes electrons from other molecules in order to metabolize oxygen.


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Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals , which start chain reactions that damage cells . Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions by being oxidized themselves. Oxidation of LDL-C may be a key step in the development of atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis and hypertension are known risk factors in the development of CVD. Thus, antioxidants are potentially useful in preventing or delaying the development of atherosclerosis, and in preventing heart disease. Oxidants are tiny destructive particles, known as free radicals, that cumulate within the body causing all sorts of diseases and signs of early ageing. Free radicals are produced in excess by normal metabolic processes that have been sped up as in the cases of stress, illness, heat, smoking, alcohol intake etc.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent . Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals , which start chain reactions that damage cells . Oxidation is what happens when you leave an iron pipe out in the rain and you see it rust. It's also what happens in your fireplace when you see a lot consumed in flames. Oxidative stress has been linked to cancer, aging, atherosclerosis, ischemic injury, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's). Flavonoids may help provide protection against these diseases by contributing, along with antioxidant vitamins and enzymes, to the total antioxidant defense system of the human body.

Oxidation, which involves adding oxygen to a chemical reaction within a cell, may sound benign. While humans need oxygen to survive, the effect of excess oxidation within cells is damaging and potentially cancer causing. Oxidized LDL is atherogenic, and specific antioxidants can inhibit LDL oxidation. Clinical trials to reduce CHD events currently support vitamin E supplementation in dosages greater than 100 IU per day. Oxidation of the membrane drastically compromises its barrier properties and may lead to subsequent brain tissue damage, resulting in a host of pathologies.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electron from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radical, which start chain reaction that damage cells. Oxidative stress has been linked to everything from heart disease to cancer.






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