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Russia Presses U.S. Bank Over Money Laundering ( via Yahoo! Finance)
The Russian government sought to make Bank of New York Mellon liable for $22.5 billion in damages for a money-laundering scandal that helped undermine Russia?s economy.

Most of Ga. candidate's money going to consultants (Macon Telegraph)
A little-known Republican congressional candidate from Georgia has burned through nearly $3 million in campaign donations in recent years, with little to show for it because most of the money has gone to fundraising consultants in Washington.

"Dirty Sexy Money" will premiere on Studio 23, July 6 (PEP)
Meet the Darlings of New York City. They have money, power and privilege. And it is up to their newly hired lawyer, Nick George (Peter Krause) to keep the family empire running. That means fixing their legal troubles and sometimes their illegal problems.

Flood Money For Rock Island & Whiteside Counties (WHBF-TV Quad Cities)
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Officials say the federal government has approved more money for Illinois residents and local governments affected by storms and flooding.

Ex-Banker Investigated in Transfers of Money (New York Times)
A former private banker at JPMorgan Chase is under investigation, suspected of making illegal money transfers, according to federal authorities and court documents.

Police: Bogus money in area Counterfeit money turns up in at least a dozen businesses (The Lewiston Sun Journal)
LEWISTON - Authorities are investigating counterfeit money that showed up at area businesses over the past month.

Jail Awaits For Those Gives Money To Beggars (Bernama)
JAKARTA, July 4 (Bernama) -- Residents in Makassar, South Sulawesi could face three-month jail if they were caught of giving money to beggers and street children, Antara news agency reported Friday quoting Mayor Ilham Arif Sirajuddin as saying.

"Barcelona's �30m offer for Adebayor is a lot of money, Arsenal would be mad to turn it down" - CS (BBC News)
"Barcelona's �30m offer for Adebayor is a lot of money, Arsenal would be mad to turn it down" - CS

Money fund assets rise by $896 million (AP via Yahoo! Finance)
Total money market mutual fund assets rose by $896 million to $3.456 trillion for the week, the Investment Company Institute said Thursday.

Controls for 'hot money' boosted (The Washington Times)
BEIJING | Beijing is tightening financial controls on trade to curb multibillion-dollar flows of speculative "hot money" into China, which regulators say could fuel inflation, the government announced Thursday.

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