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Behavioral guide to investing (Chicago Sun-Times)
David Roeder: Give computer programmers time and money at financial services firms, and eventually they might produce a crystal ball. That is what's really happening when firms boast of their quantitative skills at managing money.

Money Talks: Wikis for Investment and Finance (
Wikis are sprouting up everywhere, so it's not surprising that the world of investing, finance, business and money management is getting in on the act. If you're looking for stock tips, industry analysis, information about how to start a home business, or advice about paying off credit card debt, you might turn to one of these money-related wikis to benefit from the wisdom of the digital crowd.

Investing in confusing times (Baltimore Sun)
A re you tired of the U.S. market upheaval, but itching to start investing some of the cash you've been stashing away?

Chat with John Gin about investing and retirement planning today (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
John Gin will be answering your questions about investing and planning for retirement today on

Basic rules take the mystery out of investing (The Star-Ledger)
You don't have to be good with numbers or a motivated market-watcher to handle your investments. Just follow a few basic rules: Simple is best. Money you intend to keep invested for 10 years or longer belongs in stocks.

Investing in his neighbors (Fort Wayne News-Sentinel)
The market is still modest, but when a man can make a living selling financial services to Burmese immigrants in Fort Wayne, it counts as a milestone on their journey from refugees to settled residents.

'Your Money and Your Brain,' a study of our neurological makeup (BizJournals)
Your Money and Your Brain: How The New Science Of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich By Jason Zweig 340 pp.; Simon & Schuster Your brain is sabotaging your investment decisions.

Investing in Miami Real Estate can be a Viable Option (Turks.US)
The catch in investing your money well in Miami real estate is easy you just need to be wise on picking where to have your investments set in. I think that with some little configuration and some added value on your handpicked location you can be good. But digging deep you need more than just that. Announces New Global Investing Section (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
SARASOTA,, the largest multimedia investment education destination for investors and traders, announced today the launch of a new Global Investing section designed to give investors more content and tools for investing in a global economy.

Investing abroad means looking past volatility (The Tuscaloosa News)
NEW YORK | It's a scary time for Americans to take their money outside the country, not simply because the weak dollar has made travel more expensive, but because the volatility that has plagued Wall Street for nearly a year has also touched many investments abroad.

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