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Easy Holdem Money Player Simple Strategy Win Wisdom

Easy Ways To Cut Rental Costs (Investopedia via Yahoo! Finance)
If rent payments are crippling your finances, then read on to learn how to save your money.

Getting your unclaimed funds: The Real Deal (WSYR 9 Syracuse)
There's free money with your name on it! Sounds good, right? We're always telling you how easy it is to find out whether you have any unclaimed funds through the...

Still time for eligible students to get money for college (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
EASY MONEY: The questions from the state of Minnesota are simple: Who wants free money for college? What recent high school graduate would like $1,200?

Hosting an easy, impressive end-of-summer party (The Daily Dispatch)
Rule No. 1 of hosting a party ? let yourself enjoy it. As obvious as this may seem, it?s an easy thing to forget. If you?re not careful, by the time you finish the planning, the cooking, the decorating, the greeting and the serving, your guests are leaving and you?re exhausted.

Currency Crisis: Sending Money To Someone in a Pinch Abroad (WallStreet Journal via Yahoo! Finance)
Figuring out the ins and outs of using money-transfer services while abroad can be daunting. We tested five companies for sending money internationally and found that whatever service you choose, beware that fees lurk everywhere.

Nickels: Change your light bulb, save the city millions (KOMO Seattle)
Here's an easy formula for saving money on the electric bill: start with one light bulb. Then multiply that bulb across the city and the result, according to the city's power brokers, will be nearly a half-million dollars saved.

Spending others? money is easy (Busselton-Dunsborough Mail)
IN AN earlier edition of this newspaper I commended Cr Anne Ryan for trying to find out which councillor(s) had breached confidentiality.

Macomb Co. seniors get A-to-Z list of scams (Detroit Free Press)
Bernice Williams is a sucker for a heart-warming cause. Ask her to donate money to help abandoned animals or feed starving children, and she's quick to pull out her checkbook. And that, she said, has made her an easy target for scam artists looking to make a few bucks off a generous senior citizen.

Special Report: Making easy connections is the key to a digital home (Market Watch)
The big challenge for digital home product manufacturers is to make everything work together without a fuss. Devices have to connect quickly to a home network, and it all has to be easy to manage.

What to buy at end-of-summer sales (The Wichita Eagle)
While fashion forecasters don't yet know all the trends for next spring and summer, shopping wisely at the end-of-summer sales at many department, mass-retail and boutique stores is a smart, easy (and fun!) way to save money on clothes, shoes and accessories. But how do you know what to buy that won't scream "SUMMER 2008!" a year from now? We asked three fashion experts -- Susan Huston, ...

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