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2006 Annual Cooking Home Quick Recipe Taste

Mississippi Fish Shack: Homemade decor, home-cooked food (Maneater)
There's food, and then there's homemade food. When cooking at home and sharing delicious recipes with friends and family became a hit, Kim Perry decided to take it to the ...

Taste Of Home - Swing into Spring (Osceola Sentinel-Tribune)
Nearly 800 people showed up for Osceola's first Taste of Home cooking School on Feb. 21 at Terrible's Lakeside Casino's Events Center. The event, sponsored by the Osceola Sentinel-Tribune and Osceola Chamber Main Street, was a sell-out with only 800 tickets available.

Eagles, Greyhounds are home Week 2 (The New Ulm Journal)
NEW ULM - Week Two of the high school football season here in New Ulm will see both the New Ulm Eagles and the New Ulm Cathedral Greyhounds tasting some home cooking with Friday and Saturday night games as they entertain conference foes while the Minnesota Valley Lutheran Chargers will take to the road for the second straight week.

Cooking attracts kids (Mobridge Tribune)
More and more school children are becoming attracted to cooking and it is a good trend. It helps parents who are often both working outside the home, it teaches responsibility, and the kids are taking an interest in foods that are good for them. This week's Cook of the Week is a good example.

The Farmhouse: Home cookin' away from home (The Wilmington Star-News)
The annals of college life are filled with stories of disappointing attempts at home cooking. No ramen noodle soup special can match mom's loving touch, a fact certainly taken into account at The Farmhouse.

Horseback riding, cooking classes sought (San Francisco Chronicle)
Q: I'd like to surprise my husband with a trip to the Midwest for horseback riding and a gourmet cooking class. Any advice? A: You'll have to look elsewhere to find ranches that cater to both cooks and cowboys. Colleen Hodson of the Dude Ranchers'...

Cooking school to feature 10 recipes (Keokuk Daily Gate City)
Culinary specialist Mary Janice Reisdorf will show how to make 10 fresh recipes at the Taste of Home Cooking School in Keokuk Tuesday. Only six days remain until the Taste of Home Cooking School hosted by the Daily Gate City.

Moving from home (The Camrose Canadian)
Many students are leaving their loving homes behind for the first time as they begin new journeys in post-secondary education. While meals at cafeterias aren't bad, they certainly have a hard time competing with "mom's home cooking."

ASK THE CHEF: Plenty at stake: perfect at-home steak (Lancaster Online)
Q. I have become the "cook at home." I enjoy all types of cooking, especially grilling. My question is: How in the heck do you get a steak at home to taste like a great restaurant steak Is it even conceivable ? Mark C.A. When I do go out for dinner, one of...

Taste of Home Cooking School (The Shelby Star)
By the time you finish reading this sentence, Deedee Canipe will have already bought her tickets to this year's Taste of Home cooking School. "The first time I ever went to one was with my mom's Sunday school class," Canipe said.

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