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2006 Death Famous People

People, Places and Things (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
TORONTO - The lead singer of the Canadian pop band Barenaked Ladies and three other people survived a plane crash in rural southeastern Ontario, authorities said yesterday.

Amy Poehler Feels Urge to Merge (E! Online)
Think of it as mix tapes made by famous people. The North Carolina-based indie record label Merge is launching a limited-edition series of CDs curated by famous folks like Saturday Night...

Big speeches, clashes mark first day (Rocky Mountain News via Yahoo! News)
The band played and the flags waved and the Democrats got down to business Monday - introducing Barack Obama to would-be voters, honoring the party's most famous son, working to heal the lingering rift with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

World-famous show horses to perform in Dodge City (The Dodge City Daily Globe)
The 28th annual "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions World Tour presented by White Stallion Productions will ride into the Dodge City Civic Center at 7:30� p.m. Sept. 16 and 17. ��� �These annual tours featuring Lipizzaner stallions and the Spanish Andalusian stallion have been seen by more than 25 million people throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the ...

Plans for the Bird's Nest and Water Cube (News 10 NBC Rochester)
Now that the Olympics are over many people are wondering what is going to happen to the Bird's Nest and the famous Water Cube...

Thousands watch fall of Sheffield's famous Tinsley cooling towers (Guardian Unlimited)
Sheffield's famous Tinsley cooling towers, nicknamed 'Bill and Ben, make way for biomass station

Famous actress urges people to save Studio Arena (WKBW-TV Buffalo)
Buffalo's struggling Studio Arena Theatre is gaining an unexpected supporter, Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. The Australian-born actress was filming scene for a new movie in London when she made some remarks about the importance of saving regional theaters like Studio Arena.

Tibet?s most famous woman blogger, Woeser, detained by police (Times Online)
Tibet?s most famous woman writer and blogger has been questioned by police for eight hours, accused of taking photographs on the street, after she returned home briefly to the capital, Lhasa.

Amy Poehler Feels Urge to Merge (E! Online via Yahoo! News)
Think of it as mix tapes made by famous people.

People (The West Australian)
Meg Ryan is pleased about being "less famous". The Sleepless In Seattle star believes her affair with Hollywood tough guy Russell Crowe in 2000 - which ended her nine-year marriage to Dennis Quaid - actually reduced her profile.

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