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2006 Died Famous in People Who

Meeting famous people (Albany Democrat-Herald)
in Denver Loyd Henion, chair of the Linn County Democrats, is attending the party?s Denver convention. His report:

ON DEADLINE: Obama's famous, but so's McCain (AP via Yahoo! News)
OK, Barack Obama is a celebrity. Just like Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder and the other stars who shared the stadium spotlight with him Thursday night.

Famous resort lights switched on (BBC News)
The Blackpool Illuminations are lighting up the resort after Friday night's official switch-on.

The Week Steve Jobs Died [Week In Review] (Gawker)
Marc Jacobs is god, Amy Sacco is forgotten, Tucker Max is Tucker Max. Famous people?they have opinions! Sometimes even when they're only microfamous! Also they don't need flacks anymore. Kids:...

Convention Journal: Meeting famous people in Denver (Albany Democrat-Herald)
Loyd Henion, chair of the Linn County Democrats, is attending the party?s Denver convention. His report:

A Yacht Party in the Sand (New York Times)
At Dune Southampton, six feet of velvet rope is all that is needed to restrict entry into the dating and mating grounds of the famous, fabulous and fortuned.

Elmer Smith: If Obama isn't special, why'd we vote for him? (
BACK WHEN Robin Leach made a small fortune spying on people with big fortunes, the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" was something to aspire to.

Pets showered with creature comforts (The Oxford Press)
Move over, spoiled children. Pets are nipping at your heels to take their place as privileged members of the family. And people don't have to be rich and famous to give their pets a taste of the good life.

2 Men to the Rescue After Woman?s Trial by Fire (New York Times)
?For the Love of Grace,? an attractive but lifeless Hallmark Channel movie, operates on the oversimplified premise that one traumatic event can destroy people and another can make them whole.

Brisbane lights up for Riverfire (The Courier Mail)
IT MIGHT take a horse race to stop a nation, but it takes fireworks and that famous F-111 dump and burn, to get the people of Brisbane out in the streets.

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