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6 Egypt Guide Rough Travel

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine - September (Times Online)
If you enjoy The Sunday Times travel newspaper supplement, you?ll love the August issue of The Sunday Times travel Magazine, a monthly news stand title that brings you the best writers, photography and practical, in-depth travel information every month.

Your guide to New Jersey events and local things to do (The Star-Ledger)
ATLANTIC CITY GUIDE Your guide to Atlantic City's casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs, entertainment, shopping and more. Gettysburg, Pa. For those interested in seeing the battlefields of Gettysburg, you have plenty of options.

Travel Guide available in three languages (Islamic Republic News Agency)
Iran - Tourism - Travel Guide The Iranian Travel Guide has been made available in three languages including Persian, Arabic and English, head of the Exhibitions Department at Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said.

Travel almanac (The Salt Lake Tribune)
TRAVEL TALK "A traveler without observation is a bird without wings." ON THE WEB If you plan to visit the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., visit It is an online concierge with information on shopping, restaurants, hotel packages and attractions.

Avoid These Budget Airline Rip-Offs! (The Motley Fool)
Budget airlines may have rock-bottom fares, but if you're not careful, you could get charged an extra �32 just for checking in a bag at the airport. Here's a guide on how to avoid these, plus other tips on budget travel.

Send us your dream travel lists (The Salt Lake Tribune)
The Salt Lake Tribune travel section is compiling a list of Utahns' dream travel destinations and is looking for readers to share the places they would like to visit before they die. To participate, e-mail your list to Tom Wharton at [email protected] or phone him at 801-257-8909.

Like Action and Adventure? Travel to Scotland (Today's News-Herald)
(ARA) - If the typical tourist experience bores you to tears and you can't take yet another bus tour, adventure travel just might be for you. Among thrill-seeking travelers, Scotland is quickly becoming known as a popular, action-packed destination.

The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Planning an Affordable Autumn Getaway (Today's News-Herald)
(ARA) - America's wavering economy along with swelling gas prices have tampered with vacationers' travel plans throughout the summer, leaving many travelers in the lurch.

FROMMERS'S: Guides go digital (Newsday)
Talk about a portable travel guide - Frommer's has debuted the 2008 editions of its paperback travel guides for New York, San Francisco, London and Paris in digital versions compatible with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

A guide to mountain biking (Guardian Unlimited)
Beijing Olympics 2008 - A guide to mountain biking

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