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Two thirds of UK households have internet access (
Tom Young, Computing , Wednesday 27 August 2008 at 15:14:00 One million more households gained access in the last year, according to the Office of National Statistics Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) of UK households are online, an increase of one million households in the last year to 16 million, according to the Office of National...

Consumers in 9 More Western Mass. Towns Now Have High-Speed Access to the Internet (Broadcast Newsroom)
BLANDFORD, Mass., Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers and businesses in nine more western Massachusetts communities now have access to the internet -- at rocket speeds powered by Verizon.

Cyber-Surfing Gives Everyone Easy Access to History (Palatka Daily News)
(ARA) - History is making history on the World Wide Web. With a click of the mouse, lifelong historians and those who just caught the history bug are taking to the Internet in record numbers to explore its nearly limitless access to times gone by.

Wireless Internet access no longer available at rest areas (Washington State Department of Transportation)
Wireless Internet access will no longer be available at Washington?s wireless highway safety rest areas due to a lack of consistent subscribers.

A third of British households do not have internet access - and 2million never intend to use it (Daily Mail)
One in three households in Britain still don't have internet access with two million declaring they have no intention of ever going online, new research has revealed.

Majority Favors Global Internet Bill of Rights (InformationWeek)
Key rights granted under the global Internet Bill of Rights would be freedom of information, freedom of expression, and the right of people to have affordable access.

Port Orford, Ore., Customers to Have Access to Fast, Affordable Verizon High Speed Internet Service Next Month (Broadcast Newsroom)
PORT ORFORD, Ore., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers and businesses in Port Orford will soon have access to Verizon High Speed Internet, allowing them to quickly download movies, share photos or video with friends and family, and create their own Internet content.

Downtown could get public, wireless Internet (The Leaf Chronicle)
Downtown could soon be a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless Internet access.

Comcast to Place a Cap on Internet Downloads (New York Times)
Comcast, one of the country?s largest Internet providers, will put a 250 gigabyte-a-month cap on residential users, a move certain to create tension.

Third of UK homes still lack Internet access (ZDNet Asia)
In its 2008 internet Access report, the Office for National Statistics has revealed that despite the rise of broadband, more than a third of households are without a Web connection.

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