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Unite Prepared to Take Legal Action Against GE Aviation (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Unite is seeking legal advice with a view to applying for a protective award against a decision taken by GE Aviation to close the former Smith's Aerospace Site at Arle Court in Gloucester.

New: Service offers county residents self-help legal advice (Northwest Herald)
WOODSTOCK ? Citizens representing themselves in court sometimes file paperwork that might as well have been written on the back of a napkin.

Chen Palmer Agree To Provide Advice To Campaigners (
Chen Palmer Agree to Provide Legal Advice to West Coast Anti-1080 Campaigners Individuals with close connections to 1080 action group Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action (KAKA) have enlisted the services of top public law firm Chen Palmer to provide them with legal advice over the use of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) by the Animal Health Board and the Department of Conservation.

Farmers seek badger legal advice (BBC News)
Farmers are taking legal advice after the government rejected a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle.

ITV's Legal Chief Broadcasts Change (
ITV's new legal chief Andrew Garard has already hit the ground running, ushering in internal changes, beginning an adviser review and facing a baptism of fire thanks to the broadcaster's Ofcom investigation. Garard's role as a hands-on counsel, involved in the business of the broadcaster, is indicative of a new breed of legal chiefs aiming to take a broader role within their employer rather than ...

Farmers threaten legal action over badger culling (Independent)
Farmers tonight threatened legal action if the Government decides not to allow a cull of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle.

Is this even legal ? Pro bono sex advice (MSNBC)
When does swinging fling outside of legal bounds? And why accepting PayPal payments for kinky sex isn't such a bright idea. Sexploration offers pro bono advice to keep our readers out of jail.

When Ex-Employees Vent, or Reinvent (New York Times)
People may attract the wrath of a former employer for a variety of reasons, but how easy is it for a company to succeed in a legal challenge against a former employee?

Legal fight ahead if badger cull rejected (Reuters via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
Farmers said on Friday they would launch a legal challenge if the farm ministry rejected as expected next week a badger cull to help tackle bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

Bass Lake needs special assessment district before it gets legal level (Ludington Daily News)
If the Bass Lake Property Owners Association wants a legal water level set for the lake, it will have to collect signatures, according to Mason County Drain Commissioner David Hasenbank.

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