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Allen Home Improvement Tim

Fall Home Improvement Showcase September 19-21, 2008 in Libertyville, IL (BuildingOnline)
The Libertyville Home improvement Showcase - Fall 2008 will take place at the Libertyille Sports Complex at 1950 N. Highway 45. Show admission is free, so be sure to make a day of it.

The Home Improvement Show with Frank Cohn (Newstalk 1010 CFRB)
The Home improvement Show with Frank Cohn and John Donabie gives you the chance to get all your renovation questions answered by the expert. 2-time recipient of Renovator-of-the-Year with the Toronto Home Builders' Association, Frank brings a wealth of information to this hour.

Winterizing Your Home? Save Even More by Renting DIY Tools (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - As the weather cools, homeowners see fall as the year's last chance to do home maintenance to lower heating bills. Of course, you will not save money if you spend more on home improvement than you will save in reduced energy costs.

Saving Pots Pave the Way for Home Improvements (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
This research is part of the annual Halifax Home Improvement Survey, a series of research pieces that are published by Halifax, highlighting home improvement trends in the UK. The survey is compiled using independent market research carried out for Halifax.

Home Calendar (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
A look at the week's home calendar events.

The Latest Home Improvement Trend -- Making What's Old New Again (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - At a time when costs for just about everything seem to be going up -- gas, food, building materials, etc. -- a lot of attention is focused on the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle. This is particularly evident in the home improvement sector.

Regulators crack down on home improver (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
Renaissance Exteriors Inc., a Maple Grove home improvement company, has been banned from accepting new work while it finishes commitments to about 100 area homeowners.

Home, sweet home (The Paris News)
North Lamar's volleyball team makes its first home appearance of the season this afternoon. The Pantherettes (6-2) play host to a three-way match that also includes Longview Pine Tree and Pleasant Grove.

Sunanda K Datta-Ray: Ping-pong goes home (Business Standard India)
Unlike China, Britain may not need to relentlessly drive itself to host the 2012 games. Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee president, was only partly right in saying that the stunning Beijing Olympics would lead to further evolution and improvement.

Economy slows home projects (The Observer-Dispatch)
Victor Garcia is in the process of installing an entrance door to his Whitesboro home.

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