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Animal Abuse Information

Expansion, aid coming to Montgomery County Animal Shelter (The Woodlands Villager)
The Montgomery County animal Shelter?s 7,000 square foot-plus expansion will include new kennels, a cat room and extra office space and is on track.

A joint venture for animal control (Bureau County Republican)
PRINCETON ? The Bureau County Board and city of Princeton are making plans to move their joint county/city animal control facility into bigger quarters.

Hero Police Dog Succumbs to Cancer - Morris Animal Foundation Honors 'Rocky' - Also Honored 'Rocky' Six Years Ago When ... (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Cancer has claimed a hero police dog, and Morris Animal Foundation is now honoring "Rocky," a canine member of the Lakewood Police Department in Colorado. MAF first honored Rocky six years ago when his bravery resulted in being shot, but in still catching a criminal.

Animal rights terrorists prove to be elusive (The Monterey County Herald)
It's been more than two weeks since a pair of firebombs rattled the university community in Santa Cruz. The attacks against two University of California researchers are believed to be the work of radical animal-rights activists opposed to vivisection. But despite an Aug.

13:18 (BST), 18/08/2008 Animal Paradise Press Release PROVIDED BY GAMES PRESS Empire Interactive, a leading publisher ... (
Empire Interactive, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced that development on Animal Paradise for Nintendo DS? has been completed. The family-friendly handheld videogame release of the season will join kids on their journey back to school this fall.

Animal Shelter Owner Offers Reward For Return Of Turtle (NY1 News)
A Brooklyn animal shelter owner is offering a reward for the return of his missing two-headed turtle. Sean Casey says someone stole the one-year-old turtle from his pet store Sunday afternoon.

New animal experiment guidelines (Adelaide Now)
NEW guidelines designed to minimise pain and suffering of lab animals used in scientific testing have been hailed a step forward by Australia's animal rights groups.

New animal testing guidelines developed (AAP via Yahoo!7 News)
New guidelines designed to minimise pain and suffering of lab animals used in scientific testing have been praised by Australia's animal rights groups.

Individual indicted for animal cruelty for leaving dog in car (Plano Courier)
Despite constant community awareness, the Plano Animal Services reported one death and cited 17 individuals for leaving their animals unattended in their vehicle this summer.

Arm animal lovers with emergency information (Bucks County Courier Times)
The tragic end of the black lab as reported by a letter writer should hopefully bring some advice and possible solutions from the experts so the next time an animal is in need of care passersby and witnesses may be able to do more.

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