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Get Green for Back to School (ABC News)
Learn how to make this school year a more eco-friendly one.

Spare Times: For Children (New York Times)

International lifestyle summary (Reuters via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
Wall Street Journal.

A good life (BBC News)
The creator of Tom and Barbara Good among those passed away

0904 Movies Now Playing (Provo Daily Herald)

Scientists say MSG does not harm health (Vietnam Net)
VietNamNet Bridge - International studies on monosodium glutamate (MSG) have failed to implicate the substance as a causal agent in provoking illnesses, particularly in cancer, according to scientists at a recent conference held in HCM City.

Animal welfare: New helpline launched as confused Scots persist in calling the RSPCA (Guardian Unlimited)
One of Scotland's leading animal welfare charities launches campaign to raise its profile

Parents scramble for lunch solutions (Daily Herald)
Growing concerns over lunchmeat and tighter regulations on allergens means packing a lunch for school has become more difficult.

No country for half men (Sydney Morning Herald)
Stay in touch: All that self-promotion on Channel Seven during the Games is taking its toll on Channel Nine.

Herald movie reviewers rate movies from zero to four stars (Miami Herald)
Herald movie reviewers rate movies from zero to four stars. Excellent | ½ Very Good | Good | ½ Worth Seeing Mediocre | Poor | No Worthless

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