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Customers learn of information breach (The Charlotte Observer)
Some customers of Countrywide Financial Corp. are learning that their personal information might have been sold by a former employee. The Los Angeles division of the FBI arrested Rene Rebollo, a former financial analyst for Countrywide's subprime mortgage division, last month and charged him with ?exceeding authorized access to the computer of a financial institution.? Investigators say Rebollo ...

Watch And Learn: Time Teaches Us How To Recognize Visual Objects - MIT Work Could Help Develop Better Computer Vision ... (Medical News Today)
In work that could aid efforts to develop more brain-like computer vision systems, MIT neuroscientists have tricked the visual brain into confusing one object with another, thereby demonstrating that time teaches us how to recognize objects. It may sound strange, but human eyes never see the same image twice.

AHS plugs computer safety gaps (The Sun Chronicle)
ATTLEBORO - Until this year, the school department's computer network security was so soft a malicious hacker could have broken into school records as easily as pulling up outside the building and tapping into the system with a wireless laptop.

Grand jury investigates use of House GOP computer system (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
A state grand jury is investigating whether House Republicans used an expensive, tax-funded computer system for political purposes.

Jhai PC: Low-cost computer links villages to the Web (The Christian Science Monitor)
In the small Hmong village of Phonsavad in Laos, three hours upriver from the nearest road, the Jhai PC is a portal to another world. Built to withstand monsoon rains and extreme temperatures and linked to the Web by satellite, the tough computer brings villagers weather reports, current prices for their rice crops and weavings, [...]

Laptop containing personal information stolen at Pitt (The Patriot-News)
PITTSBURGH -- The University of Pittsburgh says a laptop computer containing the personal information of its business school graduates was stolen last month.

Computer sales growth dips in second quarter (Calcutta News)
Personal computer (PC) sales in India grew 8.1 percent in the second quarter of 2008 over the corresponding period last year, but down from the 10 percent first quarter growth, a technology industry tracker said Thursday.

U of I students' information was on breached computer (The Altoona Herald-Mitchellville Index)
Iowa City, Ia. - The names and Social Security numbers of about 500 University of Iowa engineering students may have been stolen by computer hackers, the university announced Thursday.

Major bank loses personal information; millions at risk (ABC 15 Phoenix)
This isn't a scam and you're not alone. Consumers across the country got letters in the mail from the Bank of New York Mellon or BNY Mellon. It says computer tapes with personal information were lost.

NASA Report Explores Use Of Earth Data To Support National U.S. Priorities (Science Daily)
The United States faces challenges in utilizing Earth science information to manage resources and protect public health, according to a NASA-sponsored report issued by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program. The report examines the computer-based decision support tools that many government agencies use to make predictions and forecasts in areas such as agricultural productivity, air quality, ...

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