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Appraisal Property Replacement Value

Property values up 5.95 percent (The Oxford Press)
HAMILTON ? Notices going out this week from the Butler County Auditor's Office will reflect an average 5.95 percent increase in appraised property values countywide, according to a property value reappraisal approved by the state last week.

Increase home value with easy, inexpensive moves (ABC 15 Phoenix)
With home prices dropping, homeowners are looking to do anything they can to keep value in their property. SmartMoney has five inexpensive things homeowners can do without breaking the bank on a big home improvement project.

SMC property affiliate invests P300M in joint venture with GSIS (Yehey!)
Listed San Miguel Properties Inc. (SMPI) said Thursday it will invest P300 million into a joint-venture company formed with state-owned pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). The tie-up was set up largely for the development of a property in Makati City.

New property value estimates give municipalities the chance to raise extra cash (The Oshkosh Northwestern)
New state property value estimates will give the city the ability to raise a little extra revenue under state property tax levy limits.

SISD raises property taxes in preparation for new school year (Eastex Advocate)
The Shepherd ISD Board of Trustees passed a tax adjustment at their August 18 board meeting. The new rate, which goes into effect September 1, is $1.36 per $100 value of taxable property.

Many new property appraisals show decreases in value, auditor says (Dayton Daily News)
Property owners in Dayton will begin receiving notices from the Montgomery County Auditor this week stating a new preliminary appraised property value, and 60 percent of those properties have lower values than they had six years ago, Auditor Karl Keith said Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Maricopa Co, property tax statement explained (East Valley Tribune)
The bill's in the mail for Maricopa County property owners. For many, the phrases that appear on the notices, such as "full cash value" and "limited property value," are confusing.

TA Enterprise to list property division on main board (The Star)
PETALING JAYA: TA Enterprise Bhd (TAE) has proposed to list its property division under TA Global Bhd on the Bursa Malaysia main board.

City property tax rate to remain level (The Marshall News Messenger)
Property owners within the corporate limits of Marshall likely will pay the same tax rate for 2009 they were assessed for the current year.

The True Value Of New Build Property (The Motley Fool)
If you're buying a new build property, you might just find getting a mortgage just got a whole lot more expensive.

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