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'King Of Voiceovers' Don LaFontaine Dies At 68 (CBS 2 Los Angeles)
The "King of Voiceovers" died Monday in Los Angeles at age 68. Don LaFontaine, whose voice was on nearly 5,000 movie trailers, died this afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, his agent, Vanessa Gilbert, told entertainment Tonight. He died of complications from a collapsed lung, ET reported, although the official cause of death was not immediately released.

Movie theaters offering upscale ambience (Los Angeles Times)
Some cinemas are kicking up the experience -- and the ticket price -- offering such things as reclining seats, high-end food and alcoholic beverages. No matter how bad the economy gets, people will always head to the movies for two hours of affordable entertainment -- or so the theory goes.

Movie convention talks 3D technology (ABC via Yahoo!7 News)
The latest 3D technology is among the new attractions under discussion at the Australian International Movie Convention on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Downtown revs its engine with outdoor movie tied to Grand Prix (Windsor Star)
Windsor hosted a race-themed weekend downtown -- in conjunction with the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix -- in which city-core streets were closed off and entertainment revved up.

PEOPLE OF NOTE: Ejiro Okurame: The Young Face of Nollywood (Eurweb)
*Nigeria has been producing films since the 1960s and has grown into a $250 million dollar movie making industry producing over 200 home videos per month. It has become the third largest entertainment industry outside of the United States and India.

Reuters Entertainment Summary (Reuters via Yahoo! Malaysia News)
"Disaster Movie" less funny than real ones LOS ANGELES - The title is something of a misnomer. "Disaster Movie," from the people who helped to concoct "Scary Movie," "Date Movie" and "Meet the Spartans," sounds as if it is going to send up such opuses as "The Poseidon Adventure" and "Earthquake." Although there is a calamity threatening Earth in "Disaster Movie," the film ...

National Entertainment News RSS Feed (St Albans Observer)
A screening of the movie marking Natalie Portman's debut as a director opened the short films section of the Venice Film Festival.

Now showing (The Carrollton Leader)
The years Sally Helppie spent building up a name for herself in entertainment law has made the transition to a new career in the movie business a lot easier.

Entertainment briefs (Daily Dispatch)
BATMAN?S rich alter-ego Bruce Wayne has added more than R30 billion to his riches. The Dark Knight became the second movie in Hollywood history to top R33.7billion (50mmillion) at the US box office at the weekend, raising its total to R3.8bn, according to estimates from distributor Warner Bros.

Many walk out after tech problems stall 'drive-in' movie (University of Connecticut Daily Campus)
SUBOG's only "Drive-In Movie" of the semester was a bit of a failure Sunday night when many frustrated attendees left early for numerous reasons. It would have been a chilly but lovely evening to snuggle up and watch 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' on Dow Field, but technical difficulties ended up causing almost the entire audience to stampede toward the Student Union and find other plans.

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