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Automotive Doylestown Insurance Pa

The Ultimate Fuel Economy Challenge: 100 + Hopefuls Intend to Compete for $10 Million Progressive Automotive X PRIZE; ... (Marketwire via Yahoo! Finance)
As American drivers prepare to fill up their gas tanks for what is regarded as the last long weekend of summer, many hopeful winners of the Progressive Insurance automotive X PRIZE -- a multimillion dollar competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles -- are laboring away in their garages and test facilities, with the shared goal of finding a solution that ...

Desert Trail - Yucca Valley, CA: Ara (Desert Trail)
automotive ( top ) Clint Bowyer on Motorcycle Safety (ARA) - An increase of motorcycles on the road and the fact that less than half have taken an organized rider education course, indicates a need for increased awareness of proper motorcycle safety.

AutoWired - Automotive news and information. Live (AutoWired)
Almost half of motorists believe that they have been ripped off by car mechanics, according to a survey by These 'scams' cost the nation £8 billion in over-charged, unnecessary or poor quality work, claims the poll.

Regulations introduced for 'green' policies (The Sacramento Bee)
Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner introduced regulations Wednesday that pave the way for insurers to roll out California's first "green" auto insurance program in fall 2009.

Distributors Terminal Corporation upgrades warehouse management system for improved custo (Wabash Valley Journal of Business)
Manufacturers, especially those in the food and automotive industries, will benefit from the advance... read more...

Company reaches deal to sell plant (Times Herald)
ST. CLAIR -- Blue Water Automotive Systems Inc. is in the process of selling one of four St. Clair County facilities the financially troubled company had scheduled to close.

Paris Express: Ara (Paris Express)
Automotive ( top ) Tips for Road Trips With Pets (ARA) - Bringing the family pet along on a road trip may seem like a good idea - you don't have to ask friends or family to look after your pet and you can avoid the costs and concerns that go with boarding and kennels.

Driving less? Pay less for your auto insurance (San Jose Mercury News)
California motorists who drive less could save more than gas money under a new green insurance option announced Wednesday by Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

California insurance commissioner pushes for green car insurance option (BizJournals)
The California Department of Insurance wants Golden State drivers to drive less, save money and save the planet, all at the same time.

California Commissioner Proposes Pay-As-You-Drive Regulations (Insurance Journal)
California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has proposed regulations that would make green auto insurance option available for California consumers. If implemented, pay-as-you-drive auto insurance

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