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DAVID W. MYERS: Selling a vacation home can be taxing (Detroit Free Press)
Dear David: We have owned a small vacation home for several years, and now we would like to sell it. How would our resale profits be taxed? Dear reader: You could be facing a big tax bill, unless you have some flexibility in your future plans.

Keep home safe, sign up to have home monitored (The Desert Sun)
Escaping the heat? Leave worry-free by registering for a free vacation Home Check.

Couple Back From Vacation To Find Home Burned (WBTV Charlotte)
Imagine, coming home from vacation to find your house destroyed by fire, and all your possessions gone. It happened this morning to a Rowan County couple, a couple that was already dealing with another tragedy even bigger.

Costa Rica vacation homes hit by crisis (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
The U.S. mortgage crisis has hit Costa Rica's once booming vacation home market, with sales plummeting as Americans who dream of buying a tropical getaway struggle to find financing.

On Vacation, Close to Home (New York Times)
?Staycation? is the refrain this summer, as economic conditions appear to be keeping more people close to home.

Tips can help protect your home (Akron Beacon Journal)
House break-ins peak during the vacation months of July and August, the Insurance Information Institute says. These tips from the institute can help protect your home:

Will Fifi Go on Vacation Too? (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - Summertime is a great time for a vacation. Everyone looks forward to the annual family outing when you pack up the family and head for the car, airplane, train or bus and take that getaway you have been waiting for all year long.

Protecting your home when away on vacation (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
When you're away on vacation, an unprotected house is like an open invitation to a burglar.

Lake vacation offers a change close to home (The Myrtle Beach Sun News)
Beach people need vacations, too. But like those who hanker to come to the beach for a vacation, we are also faced with higher costs because of gas prices. The mountains, a common retreat for beach folks, look tantalizingly too far to comfortably afford this year. What about an alternative vacation spot that is much closer than the mountains, more affordable than many resort areas, and offers ...

Sale of vacation home brings profit, but also a big tax bite (The Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
Most people who sell their full-time residence can keep all of their profit tax free, but the Internal Revenue Service does not extend the same tax privileges to those who sell a second or vacation home.

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