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Son of Fun Sites for Wasting Time at Work (LAist)
It's Friday. You want to bail but you still have to look busy, and we're here to help with the amazing wonderfulness that is the internet. From making weird things to collecting themed photos, these are people with a mission. You thought you were the only one? Statue molesters . A favorite is the Free Tempurpedic Bed Project . The site says it was last updated in 2007, but maybe we can ...

Church opens Internet veranda to assist islanders (Galveston County Daily News)
GALVESTON ? The Trinity Episcopal pastor's home is a source of free wireless internet for its church members.

Final edition for WANT AD (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
HUDSON - Unable to compete with Craigslist and other free Internet advertisers, the WANT ADvertiser, established in 1957, closed its doors yesterday, putting about 79 people out of work.

Employees Like Mobility Despite Extra Work Hours (
Which would you rather lose, your car or Internet access?

Keith Gessen Did Everything Wrong on the Internet, Someone Besides Us Concludes [Bloglash] (Gawker)
The spectacle of a slighted novelist going on a gossip blog and defending themselves in the comments?then starting a nutty Tumblr and throwing a "Take Back the Internet" party?is now...

Simplifying Data Management For Farmers (Science Daily)
Hiring temporary workers and machines for the harvest, sending soil samples to the laboratory for analysis, ordering seed: Farming today involves a great deal of administrative work. A new Internet-based platform will soon make this task easier.

Groulx demands tough work ethic in returning the Rochester Americans to winning (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
New Amerks coach Benoit Groulx brings a no-nonsense approach to the bench, demanding respect and work ethic from every player.

Task force goes after Internet child exploiters (The Montana Standard)
Law enforcement authorities in Montana are getting better at going after people who use the Internet to victimize children.

Chinese Internet companies buck global downturn (China Daily)
When the Internet bubble burst on the NASDAQ in 2001, numerous Chinese dotcom companies failed to stay standing till the end of the winter. This time round however, they may be finding firmer ground as China's IT recruiting climbs.

Web pioneer: 'Work on stuff that matters' (UPI)
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Silicon Valley pioneer Tim O'Reilly says tech companies need to get serious and start working on "stuff that matters."

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