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Skateboarders Use Downtown Parking Lots (Highlands Today)
AVON PARK ? Brad Cain said he teaches some of his friends their skateboarding tricks, but neither he nor his friends bother with the skateboard park near the middle school. Instead, Cain and his posse go out on the parking lots, grinding along the curbs by the First Baptist Church, moving down the sidewalks on Main Street and, until one of his friends got arrested for it, taking the covered lot ...

All hail the skateboarding pizza chefs (Toronto Star)
Watching bombs drop over Baghdad live on TV in the summer of 1990 is a memory few viewers will forget.

New skateboarding shop to open in River Valley Mall on Saturday (Lancaster Eagle-Gazette)
LANCASTER ? Just North of Dayton, or J.N.O.D, a skateboarding shop, will open in the River Valley Mall on Saturday. The store is an ?X Games styled store that carries clothing and other items for ages 5 and up,? said the owner Jerry Cosimini.

Blogging for Dollars (Richfield Reaper)
(ARA) - No matter what your hobbies or interests are -- whether you're a thrill seeker who enjoys mountain climbing, skydiving or skateboarding; a car lover whose passion is 1950s or '60s Chevrolets; or your craft is knitting and sewing, you can cash in on it by creating your own blog and selling ad space around it.

"This is an outlet for a lot of kids" (Tri-County Journal)
Skateboarding enthusiasts said they're disappointed with the decision not to change city regulations to allow skateboarding on residential sidewalks and at the City Park, but they want to work with Pacific officials to come up with alternatives.

Skateboarding Stretches & Excercise (
On Tuesday, I head in for my second knee surgery since I started skateboarding. The first one was to replace my ACL and fix up some cartelage. This...

Skateboarding: an alternative workout (The Springfield News-Leader)
Skateboarding is dangerous and therefore bad for your health, right? Wrong, say local skateboarders. The popular sport is a great way to get in a workout, even if it's a little bit unconventional, they say. Perhaps the biggest difference between skateboarding and hitting the treadmill at the gym is skaters are truly into their pastime. It's not just something they have to do. They want to do it. ...

Tony Hawk's new girl (Orange County Register)
VIDEO: Bad girl Vanessa Torres is featured on Tony Hawk?s latest skateboarding video. Fame awaits.

Pacific mayor presents two options for skateboard area at park (Tri-County Journal)
Pacific Mayor Herbert Adams said with planning and compromise, city officials and skateboard enthusiasts can work together to develop a skateboarding area at the City Park.

Review: Skate (Xbox 360) (Stuff)
It's time for the skateboarding franchise that is Tony Hawk to take a nervous look over its shoulder, for there's a new contender for the crown of video game skateboard king, and its name is EA Skate.

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