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Body Book Cambridge History in Pizan Politic Political Text Thought

Laurence Urdang, Language Expert Who Edited Dictionaries, Dies at 81 (New York Times)
Mr. Urdang was a prolific lexicographer who had a hand in more than 100 dictionaries and other reference books.

India on the doorstep of history (Deccan Herald)
Without making a conscious effort, Mahendra Singh Dhoni the skipper has worked his way into the history books...

Sarkozy recalls long-forgotten Nazi massacre (Boston Herald)
MAILLE, France - French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid homage today to victims of a 1944 Nazi massacre that was long forgotten by the history books, overshadowed by another...

Lee endures pain to make history (Fox Sports)
Danny Lee shouldered a grueling stretch of golf, but it was worth it to top Tiger in the record books, Golfweek says.

Sarkozy recalls long-forgotten Nazi massacre (AP via Yahoo! News)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid homage Monday to victims of a 1944 Nazi massacre that was long forgotten by the history books, overshadowed by another event the same day: the liberation of Paris.

"Who the Hell Is Pansy O'Hara?": Bibliophile couple compiles beloved books' back stories (Seattle Times)
A bibliophile couple from Australia compiled beloved books' back stories in "Who the Hell Is Pansy O'Hara? The Fascinating Stories Behind 50 of the World's Best-Loved Books"

She took joy in sharing her knowledge (Ottawa Citizen)
Ms. MacRae wrote a series of books that spoke of Ontario history through the buildings of its early history.

Hanford B Reactor Named National Historic Landmark (KIMA Yakima)
It's a day for the history books. The B Reactor became a national historic landmark. The U.S. Department of Interior Secretary and Department of Energy Secretary flew from Washington D.C. for the big announcement.

Books: Fall preview (San Jose Mercury News)
New books, many by famous names, will satisfy readers of fiction, mystery, politics, biography, celebrity, and more.

China: What after the Games? (Phayul)
Born in Angoul�me, France, Claude Arpi' s real quest began 36 years ago with a journey to the Himalayas. Since then he has been an enthusiastic student of the history of Tibet, China and the subcontinent. He is the author of numerous English and French books including.

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