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Bread Mold Science Experiment

Opinions: Editorial: Victory for science (Stanford Daily)
The moral quandary over stem cells appears to have been rendered irrelevant. A new procedure called "nuclear reprogramming" has changed the field of stem cell research.

Science gone awry plants seed for a craze (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
In 1829, Dr. Nathaniel Ward of London wanted to study a moth's emergence from its cocoon. For his experiment, Ward placed the cocoon in a closed glass case layered with soil. Unexpectedly, seeds hidden in the soil grew into small plants that thrived over time. Ward forgot about the moth in his newfound fascination for self-sustaining indoor gardens. His innovative "fern cases" became today's ...

ESOL spells success for students (The News-Press)
Caloosa Elementary School second-grade teacher Pat Wilcox wrote vocabulary words on her board Monday and went over a science experiment with her...

I Was a Neuroscience Guinea Pig: How Scientists Scrambled My Brain (Wired News)
A Wired News reporter survives a neuroscience experiment that involves scrambling her brain -- and hopefully contributes to new insight into how we remember.

Ions in the Fire (Newswise)
Star Dalhousie professor awarded McNeil Medal for tireless promotion of science. Renowned Dalhousie chemistry professor Mary Anne White has conducted this simple experiment, an oldie but a goodie, to explain the concept of buoyancy.

Digital preservation: Alliance set to tackle science's new frontier (PhysOrg)
A new digital divide, or rather chasm, is opening up in the scientific enterprise, and something urgently needs to be done to prevent data from being lost into oblivion At the Second International Conference on Permanent Access to the Records of Science held in Brussels on the 15th November, the Alliance for Permanent Access, a group of stakeholders dedicated to preserving digital science ...

My daughter ? the science experiment (The News-Press)
My baby girl just turned 23.

Science experiment mishap causes fire (Pasadena Star-News)
A chemical-based fire torched a Pasadena High School classroom Tuesday night after a science experiment gone awry spontaneously combusted, Pasadena fire officials said.

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE Camera Views Mars Rover Spirit at Home Plate (SpaceRef)
The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or HiRISE, camera onboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken a new color image of the feature dubbed "Home Plate" in Gusev Crater on Mars.

Program helps students leap language barrier (The News-Press)
Caloosa Elementary second-grade teacher Pat Wilcox wrote vocabulary words on her board Monday and went over a science experiment with her class.

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