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College Education Guide Secret Surviving University

Mason City native donates art reference guides to NIACC, MCPL (The Globe Gazette)
MASON CITY ? Mason City native Robert Peterson always wanted a book that could serve as a quick reference guide when visiting art museums.

London News and Reviews (Evening Standard)
A self-help guide that tells women to follow their man?s orders if they want to keep him has become an unlikely hit. The book, titled The Re-education Of The Female, also says women should wear sexy clothes while doing the cooking and cleaning.

Stay thin, obey your man - bestseller (Adelaide Now)
A SELF-help guide that tells women to stay thin and follow their man's orders if they want to keep him has become a bestseller.

Inside the SFLC's "Practical Guide to GPL Compliance" (NewsForge)
One of the goals of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) is to become a center for education in free and open source software (FOSS) legal issues. As part of this effort, the SFLC has already published " A Legal Issues Primer for Open Source and Free Software Projects ." Its latest effort in public education, released last week, is " A Practical Guide to GPL Compliance ," a 15-page guide for ...

School Board scraps sex education guide (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Sex educators got a homework assignment Thursday from the Clark County School Board -- craft a new teachers' guide for discussing statutory rape with students to replace an already purchased guide that was rejected in a vote of 4-1.

College (2008) (New York Times)
The most popular movies among readers. Deb Hagan directs this comedy set in the world of higher education and starring Drake Bell , Kevin Covias, and Andrew Caldwell as three high-school friends who take a weekend trip to nearby Fieldmont University as prospective college freshman in order to find out just how wild things can truly get on campus.

Seamless education Cleveland's goal for transient students (The Plain Dealer)
CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland schools hope to provide a seamless education for students who are constantly changing addresses. In a district where many families rent, about a third of the children move during the school year. Many leave the system,...

Games bring story full circle (Asheboro Courier-Tribune)
ASHEBORO ? Watching the Beijing Olympics brings back memories of a long-ago trip to China for Earlene and Walter Ward ? and of the young tour guide they met there who later lived in Asheboro for a time.

Forbidden fruit: learning to drink responsibly (Los Angeles Times)
Regarding alcohol, middle and high schools' only message is 'just say no.' That leaves alcohol education to parents and, increasingly, colleges, where newfound freedom can send students off track. Whether the legal drinking age is 18, 21 or something in between, at some point the odds are better than even that eventually a young adult is going to have that first drink. About 61% of American ...

Danes take contentment in stride (
While Copenhagen is a thriving metropolis, when you travel out into the Danish countryside, you find yourself saying "cute" more than you know you should. When I'm in the Netherlands, I have a running joke with my guide friends. We say, "Everything's so ... Dutch." Now, in Denmark, I'm saying, "Everything's so ... Danish."

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