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US: No final troops deal with Iraq (AFP via Yahoo! News)
The White House said Monday there was no final accord with Baghdad on the future of US forces in Iraq, after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced a deal to pull all US forces out by 2011.

Convention Buzz (Flathead Beacon)
Last week, as I enjoyed a family vacation in Denver, the excitement building for the Democratic National Convention was palpable. The media is plenty excited as well, covering every conceivable angle of the convention, and judging by viewer predictions, it seems the average citizen is more interested than usual, too. It all makes for some interesting reading. But the funniest piece I stumbled ...

Many owners leave pets behind for own luxurious vacation (Midland Reporter-Telegram)
-Finding a spot for Labor Day may be tough By Kathleen Thurber Staff Writer With things like flat-screen TVs, orthopedic beds and special movie nights provided at some local kennels, the family dog may have a more relaxing vacation than you this Labor Day.

Breaking Down Houston's Trade (HoopsWorld)
It wasn't a huge move, but when the hot nights of August, when much of the NBA has been on vacation or in Beijing at the Olympics, it is something to talk about.

Ron Dzwonkowski: Great vacation, less legislating (Detroit Free Press)
By the time they return to Lansing Sept. 9, Michigan's lawmakers will have had at least 10 weeks off -- which sure helps make the case that a part-time Legislature would work just fine here.

Finding a vacation deal in the Caribbean (New York Daily News)
From Aruba to Jamaica, there's lots of ways for New Yorkers to enjoy the Caribbean. Choosing the best deal and best vacation for your money depends on what you're after.

US: No final troops deal (News 24 South Africa)
The White House says there is no final accord on the future of US forces in Iraq, despite a contrary announcement by the Iraqi prime minister.

2 Howell sisters who were trapped in Georgia return (Asbury Park Press)
Ashley Evans will have some tale to tell when it's her turn to tell her classmates at the Griebling School in Howell about her summer vacation.

TANJONG plc reported Aug 22, 2008 that its unit - TROPICAL ISLANDS HOLDING gmbh had entered into Agreement with a Danish Group - ESKE GROUP a/s to develop vacation homes and related facilities at its Tropical Islands resort in 60km south of Berlin, Germany.

Patout joins after his retirement (The Daily Iberian)
For some, the thought of retirement is coupled with pictures of sandy beaches, vacation getaways or simply a step toward a more leisurely lifestyle. For New Iberia native Edwin Patout, 59, retirement signaled the start of a full-time job in Ukraine and his two-year commitment to the Peace Corps.

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