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Sports schedule for May 16, 2008 (IANS via Yahoo! India News)
New Delhi, May 16 (IANS) The following is the sports schedule for May 16, 2008:

Sports Complex May Rise In Ashburn (Washington Post)
A private company headed by a high school baseball coach has proposed to build a $40 million sports complex in Ashburn that would include a dozen athletic fields, a leadership training center and several restaurants.

High-tech sports-gambling ring busted (Philadelphia Daily News)
Just as Braves shortstop Yunel Escobar hit a home run off Phillies pitcher Brett Myers Wednesday night, police raided a $2.5 million illegal sports-gambling ring, which was taking bets on the game.

Sports betting bill OK'd by House (The News Journal)
Sports betting, legal in Delaware but not offered here since the 1970s, is on the table again as state officials look for new ways to make money in a difficult economy.

Sports Soundoff (Mobile Press-Register)
This is Sports Sound Off, where you can speak your mind on anything you wish. Because of the large number of calls received, not all can be published.

Phoenix eliminates many youth sports (The Arizona Republic)
City budget cuts are eliminating most of the city's youth-sports programs, shutting down programs in soccer and baseball that last year served 3,850 kids.

Sports on TV (USA Today)
CLICK HERE for your personal sports TV listings customized by zip code.

Kawasaki Heavy to sell 150 cc sports bikes in India (Reuters via Yahoo! Malaysia News)
TOKYO, May 16 - Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd said on Friday it would start selling Kawasaki brand sports motor bikes in India through carmaker Bajaj Auto by the summer of 2009 to tap growing demand for luxury bikes there.

Dyan Castillejo co-pilots plane on Sports Unlimited (
Sports Unlimited continues to bring sports action to television screens this Saturday! Watch as host Dyan Castillejo co-pilots a six-seater plane from Boracay to Cebu.

SJSU can enter talks on sports fields (San Jose Mercury News)
State trustees have authorized San Jose State University to negotiate with the city to build and share four new sports fields near Spartan Stadium.

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