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Wireless digital-music system offers great sound but no iTunes (
Sonos has been around since 2005, when the small company introduced its first multiroom digital music system to glowing reviews (including a Editors' Choice Award).

U. physicists work toward ultra-fast computing (Deseret Morning News)
Think your computer isn't fast enough or your TV picture still not clear enough? How does faster than the speed of light sound? Or monitors bright enough you'll want your sunglasses?

'A Lot of People Just Don't Take the Basic Precautions' (Washington Post)
At the end of the Black Hat hacker convention in Las Vegas this month, James Finch, head of the FBI's Cyber Division, sat down for an interview about crime and the Internet. About 4,000 people gathered at the annual convention to hear about research on the latest network and computer or electroni...

Image consultants hope to rise from obscurity (Fort Worth Business Press)
Between jewelry billboards off Interstate 30, silky shampoo ads in magazines and cologne commercials on TV, image is a key component of most advertising campaigns. However, image consultants say their profession remains relatively obscure.

Future impact of global warming is worse when grazing animals are considered, scientists suggest (PhysOrg)
The impact of global warming in the Arctic may differ from the predictions of computer models of the region, according to a pair of Penn State biologists. The team -- which includes Eric Post, a Penn State associate professor of biology, and Christian Pederson, a Penn State graduate student -- has shown that grazing animals will play a key role in reducing the anticipated expansion of shrub ...

Synthetic moleculues could add spice to fight against cancer (PhysOrg)
Seeking to improve on nature, scientists used a spice-based compound as a starting point and developed synthetic molecules that, in lab settings, are able to kill cancer cells and stop the cells from spreading. The researchers are combining organic chemistry, computer-aided design and molecular biology techniques in developing and testing pharmaceutical compounds that can fight breast and ...

New Multifrequency HF/LF Industrial Handheld Computer For Successful RFID Projects (DataCollectionOnline)
The RFID expert company TECTUS expands their RFID handheld reader portfolio and reacts with it on many customer requests for a Multifrequency RFID Handheld computer.

Is Your Computer Slower Than When You Bought It? (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - Does it seem to take your PC forever to load software? Do you get error messages when you try to un-install software? Do you have desktop icons that aren't working?

CNN - Experts: U.S. At Risk For Cyberattacks (KCTV 5 Kansas City)
The Next Military Or Terrorist Attack On The United States May Be Carried Out In Cyberspace By Shadowy Hackers Half A World A Way. Experts Say Last Week's Computer Attacks On The Former Soviet Republic Of Georgia Signal A New Kind Of Cyberwar For Which The U.S. Is Not Fully Prepared.��

U.S. At Risk Of Cyberattacks (WKRG News 5 Mobile)
Last week's computer attacks on the former Soviet Republic of Georgia signal a new kind of cyberwar for which the U.S. is not fully prepared More

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