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DNA and its use in forensic testing (The New Straits Times)
In recent weeks, the term DNA has again reappeared in our mainstream media and crept into the vocabulary of people from all walks of life. So, what is DNA and whats so fascinating about DNA? How is DNA used in human identification and forensic testing?

Is Your Computer Slower Than When You Bought It? (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - Does it seem to take your PC forever to load software? Do you get error messages when you try to un-install software? Do you have desktop icons that aren't working?

SRI International Begins NIAID-Funded Drug Evaluation Program for Tuberculosis (Marketwire via Yahoo! Finance)
SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organization, today announced the initiation of a tuberculosis preclinical drug evaluation program in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a component of the National Institutes of Health.

Sumog-oy: Computer Literary Program (Sun Star)
TO CONTEXTUALIZE, the city's IT program, under Sheep-CLP, is a built-in component of the Acharon administration's development thrusts, condensed within the acronym "Sheep."

Toss AIG from the Dow! (CNN Money)
Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy. And Wall Street is wondering if battered savings and loan Washington Mutual has enough capital to survive the credit crunch.

Starwood Takes Link@Sheraton Concept to Central Park (Hospitality Design)
Starwood has introduced its Link@Sheraton Concept to Central Park. On Monday, September 15, 600 Starwood associates will staff the re-created high-tech lobby lounge, complete with free Wi-Fi, fully functioning computer workstations, plasma TVs, and lounge-like work zones.

Government Computer News (Government Computer News)
A suite of 25 patents for technology developed at NASA?s Goddard Space Flight Center will be put up for sale at a live intellectual property auction being held in October by Ocean Tomo Auctions LLC in Chicago.

Thanks for the Integrated Circuit, Jack Kilby (PC Magazine via Yahoo! News)
Will there ever be another invention as great as the one the late Kilby created on his summer staycation?

Future Nanoelectronics May Face Obstacles (Science Daily)
Combining ordinary electronics with light has been a potential way to create minimal computer circuits with super fast information transfer. Researchers are now showing that there is a limit. When the size of the components approaches the nanometer level, all information will disappear before it has time to be transferred.

MOSFET/Sense Resistor IC offers compact hot swap solution. (ThomasNet)
Integrated 2 A Hot Swap(TM) controller, LTC4217, protects low-power boards with 2.9-26.5 V load supply voltages. Reducing external component requirements, power MOSFET and sense resistor in power path limit inrush current. Internal dV/dT circuit eliminates external gate capacitor, and separate ISET pin allows adjustment of 2% accurate current limit threshold. Load current is monitored using ...

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