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Forgiveness in the offing for ed loans (Baltimore Sun)
Eileen Ambrose -- Personal finance T he newly updated Higher Education Act included two words that will please families dealing with hefty education debt: loan forgiveness.

Bovis slashes jobs as profits plummet (InsideHousing)
The firm has responded by slashing the dividend it will pay to shareholders, cutting staff by 40 per cent, and reducing production levels.

Gov. Beshear announces 4,000 new jobs coming to Simpson County (WNKY Bowling Green)
Governor Steve Beshear and Economic Development Cabinet Secretary John Hindman today announced that Integrity Automotive, LLC has chosen Simpson County

Electric-car maker ZAP coming to Ky. (Louisville Courier-Journal)
An electric-car maker will break ground Thursday on a plant in Simpson County, and eventually bring as many as 4,000 jobs to Kentucky, company officials said.

Fairfax to slash 550 jobs (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Fairfax Media says it will cut about 550 jobs, or 5 per cent of its workforce, as part of a "business improvement program".

new world map: India against China: global competition, outsourcing, technology, leaders (cmi valpara�so)
which nation is going to lead in this century, China, India, or America? What takes to get ahead in borderless finance, wealth, investment, jobs, competition, entrepreneurship? What is the next in global business, tade, and politics map?

Jobs outlook still strong, despite job cuts: Tanner (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner says the employment outlook for Australia remains strong despite the large job losses announced recently at major companies.

New ASUM leaders bring experience, passion to jobs (Montana Kaimin)
During their freshman year, ASUM President Trevor Hunter and Vice President Siri Smillie were part of the same first-year interest group. They both lived on the fourth floor of Knowles Hall. But it wasn?t until January 2008 that they spoke to each other for the first time.� Hunter interviewed Smillie for a position on the ASUM Senate at the start of the spring semester and was impressed by her ...

Kenworth Trucks to cut 80 jobs (Daily Telegraph)
AUSTRALIA'S biggest heavy truck manufacturer will sack more than 80 workers at its Melbourne plant.

China's empire dream: Chinese multinationals, travel, finance, banking, stock market, jobs (cmi santiago)
Watch out on the Chinese century vs global politics, trade, leadership, finance, and jobs! What is behind China's global empire dream? Explore vast finance, outsourcing, investment, stock market, and trade opportunities from China from a leading Chinese strategist George Zhibin Gu.

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