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Russian spacecraft docks with orbital station (AP via Yahoo! News)
An American computer game designer boarded the international space station Tuesday, floating onto the orbital outpost 35 years after his astronaut father circled the Earth on Skylab.

Ron Sexsmith wanted to be Elton, happy to be himself (CNN)
When he was growing up in the 1970s, Ron Sexsmith's dream was to play piano. Elton John and Little Richard, those frenzied masters of the keyboard, those were his heroes.

The birth of a festival (The Herald-Press)
The idea began, as so many have, in the back of Alice Eschelman's mind.

Congressional Democrats Plan Another Economic Stimulus Package (Nasdaq)
(RTTNews) - Congressional Democrats are looking to craft a second round of economic stimulus measures to bolster the country's flagging economy.

Garrard resident publishes book (The Danville Advocate-Messenger)
Although the idea for Sandy Gladfelter's book was planted 15 years ago, she is finding that all of its twists and turns are relevant today.

Crafting Together: Follow the learning curve (The Sacramento Bee)
Sometime during the fourth trip to Michaels craft store, I began to have doubts that this project was a good idea. But having sunk so much time and money into it, there was no turning back. The finished urn makes a beautiful planter.

Novelist Hershon discusses her craft (Yale Daily News)
Before an audience of about 10 undergraduates, the novelist Joanna Hershon talked about her newest work, which explores the experience of Jewish-German immigrants in the American West in the years following the Civil War.

Russian spacecraft docks with orbital station (AP via Yahoo! Finance)
A Russian Soyuz craft docked with the international space station Tuesday, delivering an American computer game designer and two crew mates to the orbital outpost after a flawless flight from Earth.

India's 'Garden' State (Washington Post)
New art seldom startles. It would like to, but it doesn't. Once you've seen a bit of it, you'll have a pretty good idea what you will see next -- digital photographs, big assemblages on the floor, plotless videos, the usual. More startling by far are the antique Indian paintings that open the fall...

Need scary craft ideas? Try haunting these sites (Bangor Daily News)
Happy haunting.??Let the ghoul times roll.? These are just two of the greetings you?ll find at Web sites offering ideas and instructions for making Halloween costumes and decorations.

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