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Craft Idea for Toddler

Maine coastal treasure is off the beaten track (AP via Yahoo! News)
Hikers who perch atop a nearly 100-foot rock cliff that plunges to the crashing surf below are greeted by a spectacular vista with no signs of civilization, perhaps the same scene that caught the eyes of European explorers who passed by these shores 400 years ago.

Kira Craft: Five Over 50: Women Who Continually Inspire (HuffingtonPost)
As much as I dreaded turning 30, believe it or not I'm actually starting to look forward to 50. This is a notable marker of...

Maisel: Neuheisel's road to redemption points toward home (ESPN)
Exile forced Rick Neuheisel to reflect about the kind of coach he had been. His return home to UCLA offers an opportunity for redemption.

Pac-10: Going deep to find challenger for Trojans (CBS Sportsline)
The Pac-10 has belonged to Southern Cal almost from the day of Pete Carroll's arrival. There are many reasons for the Trojans' dominance and other teams' failures, Dennis Dodd says while touting Arizona State as this year's challenger.

Inventors are sure cars can fly (USA Today)
Of all those stuck stewing in traffic gridlock, who hasn't imagined soaring Jetsons-style directly to a destination? A new crop of magnificent men and women believe advanced materials and sounder business practices will allow their flying cars to defy skeptics.

Theroux needs 'quiet isolation' to craft stories (
When he's off the road, famed travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux likes isolation when he sits down to put fingers to keyboard.

Seniors ready for craft show (Oak Park Leaves)
Handmade jewelry and ceramics will be among the items for sale this weekend at the second annual Indoor Arts and Craft Fair, sponsored by the Oak Park Arms and the Lifelong Learning Center.

Do-It-Yourself Life (Forbes)
Gingko Labs' Reshma Shetty will sell you all the tools you need to build your own organism.

Up Next, Recaps & Links (CBS News)
Stories, links and the place to get more information on stories on CBS News Sunday Morning .

Boulder Beer's 5th annual Goatshed Revival (Colorado Daily)
What happens when you mix goats, craft beer, rock and roll, bean bags and all-terrain tricycles? You end up with Boulder Beer?s 5th annual Goatshed Revival, happening August 23 from 12 to 7 p.m.

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