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October: Family History Month (North Platte Bulletin)
On Oct. 1, Mayor Keith Richardson signed a proclamation declaring October as Family history Month. People are encouraged to visit with their families about their backgrounds and history.

Vetoes Allow Profits To Trump Patient Care, Family Physicians Say - Governor Vetoes SB 1440 And AB 1945, California (Medical News Today)
Family physicians today said Californians' health care is seriously compromised by Governor Schwarzenegger's veto of a bill that would have mandated more money spent on health care and another that would have made it more difficult for health plans and insurers to refuse to pay for care.

Family Learning Night encourages participation (
Parents and students worked together on a writing projects at Viers Mill Elementary School Family Night last week. Pictured is Amarrie Scott, 4, creating a poster of her family history with help from her mother, Nickya Davis.

Ratings Records for History, ABC Family, (Broadcasting and Cable)
Strong viewership gains in September help to boost networks; gets lift from full episodes.

Gene variant may lower risk of colon cancer and reassure people with the killer disease in their family (Daily Mail)
A gene related to a hormone secreted by the body's fat cells may lower the risk of colon cancer, say researchers who think the discovery could reassure people with a family history of the disease.

Russian court rehabilitates last czar and his family (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
MOSCOW - Russia's last czar and his murdered family were victims of political repression, the country's Supreme Court ruled yesterday in a decision that will help Russia move toward closing a chapter in its tortured history.

Celebrate Family During Family History Month (
October is designated in many U.S. States as "Family History Month," and genealogists everywhere have adopted the month as their own. Whether you're new to genealogy, or have devoted a...

Russian court: czar, family victims of 'repression' (New London Day)
Moscow - Russia's Supreme Court ruled in favor of full rehabilitation for Russia's last czar and his family on Wednesday, officially recognizing the Romanovs as victims of ?unfounded repression? 90 years after they were executed. The ruling is the latest step in Russia's post-Soviet reinterpretation of history, which has seen a new embrace for a monarchy once castigated for brutality and ...

Fabyan Villa holds secrets to family's place in American history (Daily Herald)
"Some rich men go for art collections, gay times on the Riviera or extravagant living. But they all get satiated. That's why I stick to scientific experiments. You never get sick of too much knowledge." - Colonel George Fabyan

Court rehabilitates last czar, his family (The Washington Times)
Russia's last czar and his slain family were victims of political repression, the country's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in a decision that will help Russia move toward closing a chapter in its tortured history.

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