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Family farming members to plead guilty in skimming case (The Sacramento Bee)
Five members of a prominent San Joaquin County family will plead guilty to federal tax charges stemming from years of pocketing unreported cash proceeds from their agriculture packing and shipping operation, one of the San Joaquin Valley's largest, court papers show.

Exchange students chosen to travel to Japan (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter)
MANITOWOC Six area high school students have been selected to travel to Manitowocs Japanese sister city, Kamogawa, this summer as part of an educational exchange.

Should Your Pet Travel with You? (
Many older adults have companion animals that are almost a part of the family. If you enjoy travel and want to include your pet, these tips can help you decide...

Family demands innocent Pak prisoner's release from Tihar Jail (New Kerala)
Hyderabad (Pakistan), Apr 4 : The family of a Pakistani citizen who reportedly went missing from Delhi on January 27, 2007, have claimed that he was languishing in the Tihar Jail for more than a year without any reason, and demanded his immediate release.

The Tipsy, Topsy World of Travel (KTTC Rochester)
ROCHESTER, MN -- Another airline makes a major announcement Thursday leaving passengers stranded across the country, and casting an even larger shadow on the airline industry. American Trans Air better known as ATA filed for bankruptcy Thursday morning for the second time in two years. The airline also discontinued all flights leaving thousands of travelers stranded. For work, for family, or for ...

An intimate look at the Bin Laden family (MSNBC)
From Steve Coll, author of "Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 comes "The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century," an examination of a family and it's fortune.

Take The Stress Out Of Travel With Helpful Hints From Days Inn (Hospitality Net)
Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or gearing up for a week-long family road trip, preparation is the key to a stress free journey. Before you pack up the car, Days Inns - Canada offers simple tips to help you keep your cool during the warm weather adventures.

Shea family to be honored at home (
Shea family to be honored at home

The 2008 Green Spaces Travel awards (Times Online)
No, ?green? is not just a boring shade of travel. It's not a label or a stamp or something that we need to count and frown about or even snub as we tour the globe. Green is the colour outside and it's beautiful. Welcome to our Green Spaces.

A book about the father and family of Osama bin Laden (Seattle Times)
In this fascinating, well-told new book, Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Coll paints a vivid portrait of Saudia Arabia's most visible merchant-class family, the bin Ladens.

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