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Disney Family Vacation Deal

Intel consults lawyers over AMD's spinoff plans (TechWorld)
End of the road for cross-licensing deal? Chip giant Intel has called in the lawyers to see whether it can end a long-standing cross-licensing agreement between it and AMD, following its decision to hive off its chip making business.

Widus International inks deal with Palafox (Sun Star)
WIDUS International Leisure Incorporated signed a contract with Palafox Associates for the Phase 2 Developments: Villa Project and Master Planning of the 3.42-hectare Proposed Casino and Water Park Complex last September 13 at Hotel Vida inside Clark Freeport Zone.

Robinson quits after deal reached (Lebanon Express)
Superintendent reaches $400,000 deal with school board

The honeymoon's over -- Mom and Dad need you (CNN)
After his father was diagnosed with dementia in 1996, Anthony Lazzara Jr. faced a difficult decision: He and his wife, Gail, either could place his father, Anthony Lazzara Sr., in a facility, or they could care for him themselves.

Pop Tarts: Rob Lowe's Friends Deem Nanny 'Inappropriate' (Fox News)
David Crosby has now stepped into the bitter battle between Rob and Sheryl Lowe and their former nanny Laura Boyce by filing a declaration in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

2008-09 NHL season predictions (The Sports Network)
2008-09 NHL season predictions

Visit Christmas Markets in Europe (MSNBC)
It's almost holiday shopping time. This year, why not skip the mad dash to the mall and, instead, combine a little retail therapy with a European vacation? If you're thinking a trip to Europe's enchanting Christmas Markets will blow your budget, we've got good news for you

2008-09 NHL season predictions (CBS 47 Jacksonville)
Now that the National Hockey League's European vacation is over, the real season can begin.

Local man makes diamond discovery in Arkansas (ABC12 Mid-Michigan)
A Mid-Michigan man got quite a souvenir on a recent vacation.

Summer trip to Europe a boost for 59ers' Arvin (Post-Tribune)
Anthony Arvin went on something of a working vacation over the summer, which is not to say he didn't have fun.

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