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Disney Travel Tip

Travel Tips: Readers' air, cruise and hotel secrets (USA Today)
Each week USA TODAY taps our traveling audience for the their best advice on air travel, cruising and hotels. Leave a tip or take a tip it could be run in an upcoming issue of USA TODAY.

UH men's basketball to play 20 at home (Honolulu Advertiser)
The return of a "tip-off" tournament, a road game at Illinois, and a possible late-night home game on ESPN are among the highlights in the 2008-09 schedule for the University of Hawai'i men's basketball team.

Current 'twinning' project merely tip of iceberg (Orangeville Citizen)
SEVENTY-ODD YEARS have passed since the federal and provincial politicians of the day agreed in the middle of the Great Depression to a major make-work project dubbed the Trans-Canada Highway.

Airline passengers foot the bill for carriers' rising fees (The Star-Ledger)
Air travel is starting to resemble a menu: To check a bag, pick from one column. Want a pillow? Pick from another column. "It's truly � la cart," said Tom Parsons, chief executive of, an Arlington, Texas, travel website.

Jennifer Openshaw: The 15-Minute Tip: Hotel, museum deals to perk up 'staycations' (Market Watch)
As summer?s end approaches you lust for one more travel adventure. Here?s a close-to-home concept worth checking out.

Legal therapy gets Pan founder $55m (The Australian)
IN the weeks after a faulty batch of travel sickness medication sent people across the country into bizarre and dangerous hallucinations, a group of senior officers from the country's drug regulator met to discuss the crisis.

Legal therapy gets Pan founder $55m (The Australian)
THE TGA's pursuit of Pan Pharmaceuticals over a travel sickness medication has netted founder Jim Selim a $55m legal settlement.

Pronounciation woes cost Spanish couple 3,870 euros (AFP via Yahoo! News)
A Spanish couple's language difficulties cost them several thousand euros after they mispronounced their destination giving instructions to a Norwegian taxi driver.

Travel almanac: Jeweled Hot Wheels coming to Salt Flats (The Salt Lake Tribune)
Hot Wheels will celebrate the toy brand's 40-year heritage with the unveiling of a custom jeweled Hot Wheels car designed by Jason of Beverly Hills. The car, valued at $140,000 and made to commemorate the production of the 4 billionth Hot Wheels vehicle, will be auctioned off later this year.

NWA WorldVacations Launches Online Travel Story Contest (Centre Daily Times)
Until September 14, 2008, travelers can win a Cancun vacation by submitting a travel story to the NWA WorldVacations(R) travel Blog.

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