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Dominican Republic Travel Tip

Students compete in state geography bee (Goshen News)
What?s the capital of Mauritania? While the answer might not be on the tip of your tongue, a few local students could probably tell you.

Final Four trip causes case of March madness (USA Today)
Question:In March 2006, I was scheduled on an early morning Midwest Airlines flight from Indianapolis to Milwaukee, where I was supposed to connect to Atlanta to attend the Final Four men's college basketball championships. I should have arrived in Atlanta in plenty of time before the tip-off.

Senate Rejects More Travel Money For Ed Board (CBS4 Denver)
DENVER (AP) ? State senators rejected an attempt to restore $36,500 to the Board of Education's travel budget during Wednesday's debate on the state's proposed $17.6 billion budget.

Today's Tax Tip (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
With 12 days left to file your income taxes, here's a reader-submitted question about taxes and military travel, with an answer from the accounting firm of Cooney, Faulkner and Stevens.

More Customers Say They Were Scammed By National Travel (WWMT 3 Kalamazoo)
WEST MICHIGAN (Newschannel 3) - More potential victims who may have been swindled out of their vacations by a local travel agency are coming forward.

Elmore tip stays shut (Bendigo Advertiser)
THE City of Greater Bendigo will stand firm on a decision to keep the Elmore transfer station closed, despite a petition of more than 200 signatures to find a replacement site.

Ask an Expert: If I were the dictator over business travel ... (USA Today)
Q: Hey Steve Have you ever heard of I do a lot of travel for business and have found this to be an indispensable resource. Just passing along a tip. Jamie

Slow and steady beats the rat race (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
Slow travel movement really wants you to stop and smell the roses.

Couple stops off in Las Cruces during trip from Argentina to Alaska (Las Cruces Sun-News)
LAS CRUCES ? David and Vicky Muralt have some miles on them, to say the least. But that's to be expected of any wandering duo determined to trek from the tip of South America to the end of the road in Alaska.

Health Tip: Have a Healthy Trip (
Title: Health Tip: Have a Healthy Trip Category: Health News Created: 4/1/2008 2:00:00 AM Last Editorial Review: 4/1/2008

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