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Dublin Finance Job

war of Taiwan, China, Japan, US: conflicts, federation, opportunities, finance, trade (cmi santiago)
Is a war between Taiwan and China coming? Are US and Japan going to be involved? What is the possible outcome and its effects on global finance, trade, politics, peace, democracy, wealth, jobs? Is federation a good choice for avioding the coming war?

Report: $100 billion would foster 2 million green jobs (CNET)
With $100 billion from Washington, workforce would expand with 2 million green-collar jobs within two years, according to report backed by the Center for American Progress.

rising China empire: Chinese multinationals, travel, finance, banking, stock market, jobs (cmi santiago)
Watch out on the Chinese century vs global politics, trade, leadership, finance, and jobs! What is behind China's global empire dream? Explore vast finance, outsourcing, investment, stock market, and trade opportunities from China from a leading Chinese strategist George Zhibin Gu.

Gannett Co. cuts 100 more jobs (Montgomery Advertiser)
NEW YORK -- Gannett Co. said this week it is cutting about 100 management jobs at its newspapers across the country, less than a month after the nation's largest newspaper publisher eliminated some 1,000 positions, of which only 600 were actual layoffs.

Leeds finance sector 'is magnet for jobs' (Leeds Today)
LEEDS'S pulling power in the business world is growing so much that more than one in 10 of the workforce of neighbouring York are employed in the city's finance services sector. (11/09/2008 09:33:09)

To promote jobs, Lodi needs an economic development chief (Lodi News-Sentinel)
Recently on this page, there was a column about the need for our city council to have the political will to make decisions that would be good for business and for creating jobs in Lodi. I couldn't agree more.

Apple Execs Settle Shareholder Suits - Accounting and Finance (Baseline)
Under the proposed settlement, Apple, including CEO Steve Jobs, agreed to implement certain corporate governance reforms and modify its existing process for granting and documenting stock options and other equity awards.

Layton: 'Green jobs' (Vancouver Sun)
OSHAWA, Ont. -- Jack Layton defended the NDP's fiscal credentials Wednesday as he made his first major policy announcement of the 2008 election campaign here, pledging to create 40,000 new "green collar" jobs through an $8-billion plan over four years.

$100B Green-Collar Jobs Plan Recommended ( via Yahoo! News)
NEW YORK, Sep 11 (OneWorld) - Increased economic investment in clean energy sources could help revive the U.S. economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the nation, according to a new study released this week.

(AFX UK Focus) 2008-09-11 14:38 Prague Airport to cut 240 jobs ahead of sale (Interactive Investor)
PRAGUE, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Prague Airport will cut 10 percent of its jobs by December ahead of a planned privatisation next year, the state-run airport said on Thursday.

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